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Humanology: I work with and for human beings. Life coaching Executive coaching Personal development Anxiety and fear Personal growth
Humanologist Personal Essence Optimism Coaching Positive Psychology Life coach NLP Empathy expert Author Renowned international speaker
Transformational coaching, cross-cultural coaching, incorporates embodiment approach, Immunity to change facilitator, U-process, Conflict mediation
I have an extensive experience in multicultural environments. My coaching is about helping you become aware of what causes your unintended and unwanted results, analyze your paradigms, mindsets and blind spots and helping you to successfully implement sustainable change strategies. I will listen to you, hear you, and when needed challenge you, all in a non-judgmental, caring and empowering manner.
Leadership, Transition (job/other areas of life), Life in general coaching
- ICF PCC status, - Time management, transitions, developing as a leader, and team leadership are where I seem to deliver most value for my clients. Lots of formal tools (MBTI, BYY, Values at work, TMS, 360s, etc.) and many of my own making. - Blended learning platform to accompany my coachees on their journey if they wish. - Lots of real life leadership experience (20+ years in a multi-national business, and leading outstanding teams) - My priorities are (1) Health (2) Happiness with friends and family (3) doing the work I love (coaching).
"Helene is just an amazing coach, she has a natural coaching way about her. I should mention that I never felt that I was being judged or that I couldn't talk to her about a topic. Two things that I appreciate most about Helenes coaching style are: 1) She kept my 'big' goal in mind, she always checked in with me about the main topic that I came to her to be coached on. 2) She kept the sessions focused and productive with that natural coach way that I mentioned earlier. I couldn't imagine being coached by anyone else and having the same positive experience I had."
― Chris (United States)
Life coaching, Personal Growth, Spiritual Growth, Expansion and Empowerment of Our Feminine Sending Energy of Light (Reiki), Personal Songs for Empowerment - Connection to Mother Earth - Balancing Your Energy etc.

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