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I am an education, counseling, and coaching professional with over a decade of experience in educational leadership, education consulting, college and career readiness planning, career coaching, career planning and mapping, and short-term and long-term goal setting. As an Academic and Career Coach, I conduct one-on-one academic and career coaching sessions, administer career interest assessments and inventories, support clients with career exploration, resume and cover letter writing, interview preparation, networking, internship opportunities, and job searches and placement. I partner with clients to gauge their career interests, skills, and abilities, and equip adults with short-term and long-term goals for achieving fulfilling careers. Additionally, my background encompasses work-related stress and self-management coaching, relaxation and stress management techniques, public speaking and assertiveness training, conflict management, professional development, and building employee capacity. I specialize in a style of holistic coaching that entails mind, body, and spiritual connections that enhances interpersonal relationships, healthy couple and family dynamics, and healthy lifestyle and nutrition management.
"I look forward to making these (clean eating recipes) for my family. So far I've lost about six pounds following all this advice! I feel the greatest I've been in a long time and even got to lower my insulin intake by four units!"

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