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Zanetta's help on my resume undoubtedly helped me secure a position with Southwest Airlines. With the thousands of resumes they receive, there is no question her format and wording got me a phone interview. I used the skills I learned from Zanetta and her resources to move through the face to face interview. And I believe it Zanetta's advice on the second follow up email to Southwest that got me an offer. Zanetta, thank you for your help and coaching to get me on the right track!
― Robert Lohmus - Logistics | Pilot | Captain
Leadership, Life and Executive Coaching, Career Coaching, Professional Coaching
I specialize in Leadership, Life and Executive Coaching for ambitious, heart-centered, mid-level to executive corporate career women.
If someone wants to regain control of their life and be a bellwether I would recommend “my key to life” under SenShan. Step in, step out & step up had been a great revelation to me and my family. The self learning hasn‘t stopped and I discover new fascinating things about mental construct each day. I had been to other life coaching earlier but they were addressing the problem on a superficial level. No amount of positive thinking can remove deep rooted fear. It was like anaesthesia and the issue resurfaced quickly. I didn‘t realize then that if the problem is within the solution has to be addressed in the within. SISOSU works on the inner and it is no temporary fix with inspirations but a permanent fix by unknotting the mental blocks. With no mental blocks I didn‘t need to take dosage of positivity but my life itself was vibrant with joy and energy. Love and Light to you. <3
Working with Jamie as a coach was one of the best investments I have ever made. She helped me turn not only my business but my entire life around.
I try so hard to not let people see how much of scared angry person that i really am that i end up making an idiot out of myself,and yet. with you... its like you see through everything...all the faces, the acts, the lies....and that's why i can be so comfortable with you from day 1 because i know you can see who i really am, and take the time to truly hear me, and help me get to where i want to be. Thank you for being you, you really love helping people see their true potential.
― Brendon B.
I came to Elena with an agenda that kept shifting but she never missed a step!. With great confidence and professional demeanor, she used her intuitive skills and empowering questions to help me find opportunities in every problem and situation. And in the process I have learned to become conscious of where I am energetically and how to shift the energy higher so that I can be more productive and successful, my sales have increased significantly since I started working with Elena.
― Jose I. Guzman, Ph.D Sales Manager, StatOil, Houston, TX
“I got the salary and new job that I dreamed of with Anu’s help” I began career coaching with Any doubtful of quick results but found that within 2 weeks I was able to see clearly as to how I could actually get all of what I wanted and needed from my present employer. This was truly amazing and I highly recommend Anu as she is precise in identifying my blind spots and gave me strategies that successfully got me to my career goals.
― Steve Madden, Miami FLA Feb-2018
" Martita gave me motivation and has helped me live in harmony with myself; and I am able to face each day with a delightful sense of joy. She is a noble soul who radiates compassion and kindness in her practice. She is clearly devoted to this path, and finds joy in being of service. "                                                                                                                                       
― Avi V.
Dr. Miller is a no-nonsense, practical and straight-forward kind of guy who’ll get to the heart of your matter before you even know you’re on the operating table. He cut through my waffling and wailing in no time and got me honed and focused so that even now, if I get ambivalent, I remember his advice to me. He’s also kind and personable, fun and extremely honest. If you want some power life-coaching to get yourself on track pretty darn quick, he’s your man.
― Ally F.
I am a Certified Professional Coach. My coaching technique is around Mindful Coaching. And, the techniques and processes applied within my coaching is based on Spiritual Laws. I have learned through my own experiences that much of what takes place in our lives start with our own thoughts and words that we project upon ourselves and others. Solution: I assist individuals either in a One on One setting or Group setting, and assist them in recognizing and understanding their Positive and Negative Thinking, which reflects in how they speak and visualize their outcome. Many times the way we think and speak is based on old beliefs, others expectations that have been put on us, and even feelings of Unforgiveness, Shame, Doubt and Fear. By identifying these feelings, beliefs or expectations, the client can then start working with Techniques and Processes that lead to them shifting their thinking to a positive perspective. The Benefits: Clients learn to identify the thoughts and words that do not serve them a purpose. When clients apply the techniques and processes accordingly, they will start to identify a shift in 3 areas, how they think, speak and visualize the outcome. Certifications from: Quantum Success Coaching Program & Life Coach Institute of Orange County UOP /Associate Degree-Human Service Management
Knowledge Universal Laws / Law Of Attraction Knowledge in the area of Personal Development Knowledge in the area of Emotional Intelligence
Kay’s Mindset Mastery - Design your Dream Life and Business Program is absolutely fantastic. If you need help with your business I highly suggest you take the course, as it offers many breakthroughs. I love the incorporation of EFT, as it totally cracks through the layers after layers. Every session was very valuable, and helped me conquer blockages that have been deep rooted for a long time. Her voice on the videos is calm, authentic and kind. Kay seems to truly have found her passion in her work to help others. Thank you Kay for all that you do!
― Sandy C.
Life coaching, relational skills in the workplace, grief, trauma, marriage and family, pastoral counseling
I have personally experienced loss of a parent as a child, emotional abuse and control, caring for elderly parents, cancer, abuse, low self-esteem, living with borderline personality disorder family members, loss of young son in law, and miscarriages. This variety of experience has equipped me to be understanding and compassionate to those who are suffering.
Highly Sensitive People, Empaths, People Who Feel Different & Misunderstood
I work with empaths, highly-sensitive people, people who feel different or not part of the "norm." I guide people in finding their authentic selves and path.
I specialize in Self Esteem, Healthy Eating Habits, Business and Behavioral problems
Specialize in Self Esteem Building, Sales Execution, Employee Retention, Business, Investing, Mental Health, Healthy Lifestyle, Healthy Eating, Positive Thinking
My son did not know how to make friends at school, because he had intellectual disabilities conversation was so hard for him. Chase was able to teach him how to take a step back and see the world as a whole, how to take his time, train his brain. Dustin my 8 year old son now plays basketball and has sleepovers with friends. Most parents would not be as excited as myself, but when you have a child that is sad because he thinks no one likes him, and a life coach can change his perspective, it's simply amazing.
― Cythina
Author/Speaker On the Power of Expectation The Foundation of Man's Creativity is in their Expectations!
Like a house or any building, the foundation you start with builds the strength and durability of the building. Our mental health is no different. It has always been my belief that our expectations are the foundation we view our world through. My own life story has taught me to use my expectations as the foundation and direction of my life. Learning to master your expectations gives you a tool to grow and handle anything that is presented both positive and negative in life. I have developed a protocol that can teach you to master your expectations, it effective and learn able in a relative short period of time. 1. Ability to steer the course of your future Have you ever felt like you didnt have full control your destiny? Chances are you have not focused on your core expectations. When identified you will have set a clear path to improved direction in your daily life. 2. Improved Human Interaction Not getting along with your parents, friends, neighbors, team mates and most of all your loved ones. Expectation Therapy will teach you how to use your expectations in a positive way increasing your ability to communicate effectively. 2. Boosted Confidence Confidence is a key indicator of success, when making decisions in confidence our goals materialize just as expected creating the life that we desire. 4. Boosted Creativity Expectations drive our creativity. They create new thought patterns and goals. Creativity leads us out of the dull drums into a life of expectancy and fulfillment. 5. Boosted Productivity When we live creative, confident lives we gain a zest for living, which in turn drive us to be more productive. This makes living life more fun and fascinating.
I have a degree in Communication from the University of Texas El Paso. I am an experienced Certified Professional Coach graduating from the advanced program at the International Coach Academy. I have experience coaching everything from career coaching to how to get organized. The best description of my niche is a Life Skills Coach. The skills everyone needs but no one teaches. Life skills, relationship skills, communication skills and coping with grief. Grief includes loss of a loved one, loss of a pet, job loss, empty nest, or any major life change. I have real world experience having been in the education field for 20 years and as a manager/supervisor for 15. I have coached work relationship issues as well as work/ home balance and personal/ family issues.
My coaching disposition is to help you meet what ever goal you have for yourself in a non stressful way with humor and celebration. I have been coaching for over 3 years with over 150 hours of coaching. I have worked in the education field as a college counselor and worked as a supervisor for the Federal Government for almost 10 years. My experience with employers, co-workers and employees has enabled me to provide effective coaching on work relationships, career issues and job changes. I have experience on general life and family relationship issues. Organizing your home/ life; perusing a healthier life; family relationship issues including LGBTQ; coping with empty nest; or just general life chaos are all issues I have worked on with clients.
Hello and thank you for taken the time out to read this Hi I am a third generation psychic. I have been providing psychic readings for over 13+ years. Of experience I have helped many people in all areas of their lives. My gift allows me to connect with lost ones, to provide information and to assure you that you are not alone in your journey. I read your energy. I connect to your feelings and emotions to receive information. I often see images that enable me to understand and interpret your situation. I can use tools if necessary. I use tarot cards and a crystal ball. I can interpret your dreams. No question is too big or too small for me to handle. All of my readings are true and honest. So be prepared for the good news and the truth. All of my readings are 99.99% accurate. I can tell you about your past, present and future. I can answer your questions about love, marriage and business. Call me today for straight answers.
Readings By Sherry Love & Relationships Breaking Up & Divorce Reuniting Loved Ones Single &Dating Intimacy Twin souls & Much More TOPICS General life readings Relationship Advice Breaking Up & Divorce Cheating & Affairs Parents & Children Family Advice Love & Sex Dating Advice Karma & Past Life. Areas of Expertise Love and Relationships, Career, Financial, Family, Spirituality and Faith, Past Lives, Children's Issues, Physical / Spiritual Well Being Chakra Balancing, Life Purpose Energy Healing, And much more!!! Types of Intuition Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Clairvoyant, Empath, Mediumship, Spirit Guides, Angel Guides Reading Style Spiritual, Conversational, Compassionate Life Coach
I'm a Doctor of Pharmacy, a long time investor in Real Estate & a Serial Entrepreneur, and most importantly, a great family man. Our pharmacy won Pharmacy of the Year 2017 for a Fortune 10 corporation. I'm the Founder and CEO of M &C Enterprise, we have 30 active Airbnb/VRBO/ Corporate Rentals that created the freedom lifestyle I always dreamed of :) 21 of the Airbnb/VRBO I don't even own! I can show you how I made 6 figures income within only 1 year using these platforms without owning any properties. I did it and you can too! I'm living my dream life in my dream home, driving my dream car with my dream wife! I'm passionate about helping you achieve your dream life as well- To Health, Wealth, Happiness! Cheers :)
I'm a Doctor of Pharmacy, a long time investor in Real Estate & a Serial Entrepreneur, and most importantly, a great family man. Our pharmacy won Pharmacy of the Year 2017 for a Fortune 10 corporation. I'm the Founder and CEO of M &C Enterprise, we have 30 active Airbnb/VRBO/ Corporate Rentals that created the freedom lifestyle I always dreamed of :) 21 of the Airbnb/VRBO I don't even own! I can show you how I made 6 figures income within only 1 year using these platforms without owning any properties. I did it and you can too! I'm passionate about helping people achieve a balanced fulfilled life in all areas- Healthy, Wealthy, and Happy :)
She helped me emotionaly over things I have lost and got me spiritual connected. She was personal and caring through my process.
― Tina
This is such an intimate subject and scenario to talk with anyone about that so much depends on who the coach is. I feel very comfortable with Crystal in this role.
― Carol H.
When I started on the journey of creating my business Open Honest Communication, LLC, I really had no idea of where or how to begin the process. I quickly realized that there was more to business than coming up with a name and developing brand colors. I can honestly say that I had a vision and passion but no knowledge of execution which deflated my motivation. A mutual friend recommended Myra and as they say - the rest is history! Myra is more than a business coach, she is a cornucopia of ideas that help you step out of your comfort zone and do greater things. She allows you to work at your own pace and does not push you into making decisions you are not entirely comfortable with. During an early session, I mentioned that I had a book idea and she encouraged me to write my book and helped me to see my worth as an author. Without her gentle nudging, my book "All That Glitters" would not have seen the light of day. Myra walked me through every step of the process from inception to publishing and event assisted me with launching my very first event for my company which was a huge success. Myra helps you believe in yourself and sets attainable goals that produce viable results. She is my coach, my confidante and someone I will hold dear for life.
― Selina B
Career and Business
Business coaching Starting a business Growing my business Hiring employees Firing employees Motivating employees Resolving a conflict with current employees Career coaching Getting a job Getting a promotion Earning more money Changing careers Rediscovering passion and joy in work Executive coaching improving the effectiveness of a leadership team Clarifying expectations with team members and management Being an effective supervisor (values, authenticity, talents, and effectiveness) Increasing alignment between strategy, infrastructure, behavior and culture Sorting through the implications of a reorganization or a change in role Understanding organizational resistance to change and taking steps to address it Addressing the negative behavior and tone of dysfunctional boards of directors and board committees

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