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Hamid is a magical Divine Masculine, his Wisdom is second to no other. If you are led to him he will gently guide you to face your shadows and transcend them into light. He showed me the door to my soul and my half lit embers caught fire. I am so honoured that we crossed paths, he changed my life, no longer weak, he gave me the tools to live the rest of my life with a powerful purpose. I am forever grateful to him for showing me my Truth.
― Peggy F
Learn how to : -Identify clearly your goals and define a vision for success. -Achieve your health & fitness goals. -Ignite passion in your relationships. -Create professional and personal action plans and learn how to drive them to success. -Identify your limiting beliefs and learn how to remove them once for all. Feel great all the time....
I have been in the field of coaching for 20 years, I will help you/ teach you how to remove limitations from your life. I will show you how to do that in a fast and efficient way. Among other techniques I use brain audio entrainment to get fast lasting results. You will learn how to hack your brain. Your brain is a super computer, you have that already, now what you need is to know how to use it efficiently, how to make it work for you. We will also talk strategy, a good strategy is half of your success, then lets take action. I will share with you powerful techniques to get everything done and by the way remove procrastination from your life. A lot to say here, lets have a talk first and lets draw and follow the path to your success. A bit from my academic and professional Background : Master in applied mathematics (statistics and programming) Bachelor degree in applied Physics. Former member of the National sailing team. Sailing coach. Fluent in 5 languages, I can speak 8 in total. Entrepreneur Meditation coach and spirituality coach.
Health Fitness and Wellness Coach
Creating and sharing the life you truly love and want to live :) Literally Kickstarting your day everyday and Supercharging the best version of you always!
Management, Performance, Business
Managerial skill, Business Management

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