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I was once told that I have the ability to transform difficult situations into easy ones. This is maybe due to those many years being involved in stressful environments when pressure for our teams to perform escalated tremendously. Sometimes, giving a different, simpler view help us to digest the problem and find the best solution. I have a friendly approach and I perceive that, in general, Im liked by the people I interact with. Although, sometimes, being straightforward and disciplined may be the only way to help somebody to reconsider a wrong perception. Coaching teams and individuals for more than 15 years gave me a priceless experience on career development, team performance and personal growth. I want to put that experience to the service of the people who will benefit from it.
Irina does not judge - she deeply understands how I feel, she can relate and by this ask meaningful questions to help me better understand my situation. She is literate and experienced, so she gave me many hands-on exercises and tips, wich I loved! They were all very interesting and fun to try, easy to integrate into my daily-life. Even though we have never met in person but only via Skype, from the start she created a comfortable and trustful atmosphere and it is always fun to talk to her.
― Ann-Kathrin Falkenroth-Steinbach

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