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he coaching was incredible. I found it to be very insightful. My business moved ahead at least 6-12 months!
I was going through a stressful time in my life and on a recommendation, L.I.F.E. ~ The Reproduction Process Of Purpose, which is Josh's powerful book on living out your dreams. Immediately after I finished the book I knew I had the right guy. From our first discussion on Josh's Core Values approach was incredibly effective. His no-nonsense style coupled with an amazing sense of humor gave me the perspective I needed to lift out of the fog. He’s highly proficient at cutting thru the BS! I needed that.
― Scott L. Byrd
I am an expert helping clients to break patterns of conflict, healing relationships, increase communication and intimacy. I also have experience helping clients leave toxic relationships and finding soulmates through increasing their self esteem. I work with people who want to invest in themselves and improve their life. I use Strategic Intervention Coaching developed by Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes. Through Strategic Intervention, I improve marriages, relationship with children, friends, parents and co-workers. This coaching helps you heal, improve and take relationships to the next level. I believe that what is inside us is reflected on our outside world. My certification in Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy allows me to work with the subconscious mind and uncovered beliefs. With this expertise, I can find hidden and destructive patterns that you cannot see or change in a regular conversation. I also use meditation and relaxation techniques to improve your inner peace, health and quality of life.
Coaching parents of young adults - "The Post-Parent Coach"
Author of 3 books on parents and their grown kids - I'm Still Your Mother, When Our Grown Kids Disappoint Us, and Boundary Issues; social psychologist with psychodynamic training; experienced telecoach with clients who want better relationships with their young adult children; practices by phone and email consultations.
I can highly recommend Fiona as a coach!! She has the innate ability to get to the core of the matter and find the underlying issues within. She understands how people feel and think and can show you how to understand yourself better and guide you to become the person you want to be in life. I know this is true, as she has helped me so much after only one conversation. I now use the skills she has taught me and constantly am amazed at how quickly I can change my mindset and focus to one of positivity and action. I would highly recommend booking a consult with her, you won't be disappointed.
― Natasha Gray
Relationship Coach (Especially to Self)
Coaching is all about accessing your truths that lie beneath the surface. I'll be your guide in helping you to understand how to live life in alignment and have the relationships and life of your dreams.
My areas of expertise come from my life experiences. Since I could talk I have been sought for advice. I have been giving financial and life advice since I was 6. I have delt with the operations of small businesses since I was a very young child. This experience doesn't come from innate capability but, demand. My unique insight/ upbringing has provided me with numerous perspectives. My father was a narcissist on the autistic spectrum. Consistent conflict taught me to be calm in the middle of chaos. Since entering the foster system my goal has been self-actualization. When I initially left my father's care I had agoraphobia, general anxiety, social phobia, and borderline personality disorder. Since then I have been working to catch my self up to the general population. Within a years span I went from being too terrified to go outside to having the ability to go to college classes without fear. I am dedicated and adaptive, and have a genuine desire to help people.

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