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Zaina has guided me through some difficult and stressful issues from my past and present. She has given me insight and simple techniques so I am able to look at my problems in different ways. She is patient, compassionate, respectful, but also straightforward. Her approach is very simple, she expresses herself clearly and is easy to understand. Zaina has made a huge impact on my life, self-esteem, and relationships. I highly recommend her services.
― Melanie
NLP & Life Coach using techniques to help my clients overcome their limiting beliefs, traumas and past events that are limiting them from achieving their full potential. Allowing them to reach their goals and live a more fullfilled life. Being free and empowered will change every aspect of a persons life.
I use the EEE (Education, Empowerment, Enlightenment) coaching method which I have created. No matter what your discipline, goal, and expectation, there is an EEE plan for you. All individuals are born perfect yet pick up imperfections when growing up that add up when reaching adulthood. These come from simple ignorance of society, a lack of proper integration into social and academic disciplines that hinder success. It's not our parents' fault, but they brought us up with pure love yet without the appropriate tools. It is these missing links, if you will, that prevent us from making the most out of our current situation by immediately recognizing the problem (Education), finding coping mechanisms and tools to eliminate the aforementioned hindrances and obstacles (Empowerment) , and then dealing with individual avenues to success (Enlightenment). I have been helping others overcome their fears and succeed in whatever they feel they can't for over 10 years. I am a writer, sociologist, and have recently started coaching. I look forward to talking to each other via video to see how you can achieve your goals.
I have helped people empower themselves through my EEE method which I personally invented about 5 years ago. I have lived with IBS, GERD, and other stress-related diseases that I have overcome using my coaching techniques. I believe the individual is responsible for alleviating their ills. All illness comes from within and can, therefore, be eliminated from within. You can succeed in anything you're willing to 'work hard' for.
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The primary reason I chose to become a life coach is that throughout my years as a massage and yoga therapist, I came to realize that my clients needed more from me than simply therapeutic touch and physical re-alignment. They were seeking fundamental emotional, mental and spiritual re-alignment as well, and I needed to learn how to properly give that to them. Through my life coaching program, I have come to understand the tools and techniques that can best help create fast and long lasting change with my clients, in terms of how they see the world and how they can shift habits that no longer serve them. I use different techniques ranging from NLP to hypnosis to straight up 'real talk', helping my patients/clients realize that they are the ones in control of their destiny and empowering them to make choices and routines in their lives that truly serve them.
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Great awareness and sensibility over people emotions. Ability to contact your inner feelings and restore self confidence. I propose different ways to look at your problems, so we can find answers where nobody sees them. English, French and Spanish speaking.

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