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I met Dr. Hill at student services where she spoke to us about how to organize our student life, and manage our student experience more effectively. I didn't have the marks to get into grad school, so I was back to upgrade some courses. Over the next few months, Dr. Hill helped me organize my student work and develop my many skills that I didn't even know that I needed in order to succeed at University. I finished my year with much better marks then ever before and have applied to grad school. I wish I had done this in first year. My life would have been much easier, and my achievements would have been much higher.
I originally wanted to work with Zanetta to improve my interviewing skills. We started by reviewing and making tweaks to my resume. I received a job offer so our sessions went from interviewing to negotiating. Since this was the first time I'd done any negotiating, Zanetta helped me write a script to use that included talking points and the best way to ask for what I wanted. Everything went really well and I got the offer I was looking for. I really appreciate all the help Zanetta gave me.
― Rhonda Ray - Software Developer
Jill coached my son through his final year at school. Having failed at the first attempt, I felt he would soon become bored and demoralised without more encouragement than the school or we parents would give him. Jill has a naturally bubbly personality, her glass is always half full, and her energy and enthusiasm infectious. If anyone could motivate him it would be Jill! And she did. He had 10 sessions with her over several weeks in which she led him in identifying his short and longer term goals and focus on how to achieve them. The result was that he worked hard, passed with credit and has moved on along the path Jill helped him map out. I am sure he couldn't have done it without her and that, in addition, she has provided him with tools he can use throughout his life.
“I have witnessed Bryan's counsel as authentic and highly valuable, with the student's well being at the center of focus. As a former college professor and parent of two daughters, I will lean on Bryan when the time comes for my children to begin making these decisions.”?
― Mark
Michelle was an answer to prayer and the best coach I could have asked for. She got me through a time of despair and doubt. I felt like I was not going to make it through school and I was struggling to hold down a job. Her insight and encouragement helped me get on the righ track. If you want to be encouraged to succeed sign up with her!
― Jasmine Jenkins
While working with Arevik I clarified both my long-term goals and short-term goals, learnt to develop strong focus, which raised my productivity to a whole new level. I am making great progress with my thesis and somehow I also find time for the social life I used to neglect before. Definitely recommend.
― Kristian M.
I attended Dr. Wixy's "Defeating Your Nemesis" session a couple of weeks after the last school year ended. It was so wonderful to put my worst student of the year out of my head. I was able to forget about him, enjoy my summer, and not carry him with me into this school year.
"Tajan helped me develop strategies to be successful in college, and through financial obstacles as well. I gained the confidence and knowledge to excel in whatever situation. She was attentive, experienced, professional, and helpful. Her expertise never disappoints" -
― Manila Roeum, Graphic Designer
“It is a pleasure to offer a written recommendation for Deanna Cowling and her company, Military Appreciation Coaching. Her knowledge and extensive experience inspire the highest level of confidence and trust for those within her professional circles, and her tireless commitment to veteran transition and instructional excellence makes her a high-value resource for all military and veteran personnel. Her demonstrable knowledge and work product are a testament to her character, capability and perseverance. I had the opportunity to interact extensively with Deanna over the course of last year. I was impressed by her insight and natural talent for understanding military-to-civilian transition issues and the logistics associated with successful reintegration. Deanna’s affinity for combining experiential learning with the practical application of academic teaching principles make her uniquely qualified to be successful in a wide range of environments. I recommend Deanna Cowling and Military Appreciation Coaching without hesitation for any professional endeavor she chooses to pursue within the veteran transition, academic or coaching / mentoring fields.”
― Michael K.
Individuals: Professionals - Leadership, Performance, and Career Development Educators and Students - Career Development and Academic Performance Physicians/medical professionals, and patients - Wellness and Wellbeing Organizations: Organizational development; Operations; Program and project management, Contracts, subcontracts and vendor management (particularly government); Proposal and Bid development particularly government proposal management, technical, past performance, and detailed cost volume development including color team reviews
Career Coach ( to Mid-Career Professionals) and Business Coach (to Small Business Owners)
Career Coaching and Business Coaching
Academic and Achieving Personal Goals
I can provide affordable coaching sessions in the following areas: study skills, college application, transition from high school to college, from school to work, course selection, responsible decision making, and making effective educational goals. I improve study skills by identifying students' learning styles by testing, creating an effective study schedule and plan that meshes well with other priorities, gives adequate time to retain information, and works best for the student, introducing effective memorization techniques such as mnemonic devices, establishing student accountability, using effective note taking strategies such as the Cornell method, emphasizing the importance of daily revision to retain information and avoiding cramming when tests are approaching, creating goals that align with the students' study plan and monitoring consistency, maintaining organization, and engaging in all pertinent assignments and readings to become a successful test taker and maintain a good grade point average. I help students apply for college by helping them search for schools through CommonApp, Collegeboard, emphasize the importance on what colleges look for in applicants such as a course of study that aligns with the desired major, extracurricular activities and sports, internships, and educational volunteer experience. I help people transition from school to the workforce by helping them format a resume to include relevant school experience, work experience, internships, volunteer experience, computer skills, language skills, certifications, and credentials. I also give effective interview techniques such as how to answer questions properly, ask questions that show interest in the position, and send a thank you letter after the interview. People should choose me to be their tutor because it is my goal to help others succeed by sharing my knowledge, determination and drive. Students' success will also be my success. Their success is also my reward. I am a strong leader. I meet the qualifications that are necessary to be a tutor which includes detail oriented, productive, precise, attentive, effective communicator, courteous, good listener, well mannered, punctual, responsible, dependable, reliable, and independent. I am passionate about supporting people, helping them succeed, and being as resourceful as I can be. I am a natural born leader. My drive and will are my most powerful qualities and will be the force behind me being the tutor you need.
Dr Robert is a talented go-getter, always adding value. Throughout our lasting work relationship, Dr Robert has brought professionalism, creativity, and optimism. Looking forward to continuing on a path of success with this stellar individual. A true team player! ?????
The goal of working with Simone was to sustain calm focused attention. I'm an entrepreneur so I need to maintain a consistency of purpose. My success, in raising my level of professional/personal development, is a direct result of Simone's hard work. She exceeded my expectations in her role by matching my commitment to improving. You'll enjoy working with Simone. I found her warm, emotionally intelligent nature to be effective in our work together. Highly recommend her services to achieve results-driven professional/personal development.
― Jeremy Ideus, Senior Software QA Automation Engineer
career, academic, achieving personal goals
Learning and educating is my passion. After worked in government organizations(banking, accounting) I quit the service to pursue my dreams. I began as a freelancer coach in a private coaching institute in Ernakulam, Kerala, India. They offered me a faculty position to train their MBA aspirants in quantitative aptitude, data interpretation, and logical reasoning. I did this for 5 years and switched over to another coaching institute of the similar nature. During this period I had also been doing mentoring and training students personally to achieve their goals at my own institute. At the same time I began writing a book on 'Problem Solving Techniques' for Management entrance tests. Eventually, it was published in Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. Last year this book came out as a paper back in Partridge: GMAT Problem Solving Techniques for Top Score. I also help students through Quora answering( 485 questions answered so far) Besides I use Facebook to help my students. In addition, I answer questions in GMAT club too.
Health/wellness, academics, family stress, life coaching, narrative coaching
My specialties include academic planning (financial and academic career), organization, yoga therapy, value/goal determination, stress management, and workplace coaching, and a variety of other aspects of life coaching.
I have known Tracy for several years, having previously worked both for and with her, and afterwards continuing our relationship on a personal basis. Tracy is an extremely accomplished project manager and facilitator – I have witnessed her skill on many occasions in guiding groups of people that often have different personalities and priorities through discovery, discussion and debate to reach positive outcomes including agreeing key actions and responsibilities. Tracy is able to lead people without dictating what they must do, but instead helping them to realise what they need/want to do and to organise those realisations into definitive actions. I learnt a huge amount from working with Tracy in terms of project management/facilitation techniques and also how to guide and influence people. Even after moving on from Tracy’s team, she has continued to mentor me, providing advice and insight into my personal traits and how I can positively use and manage those to realise my potential. She has also helped me to explore and deal with issues in the areas of people management and workload stress with a patient and sympathetic approach in her manner which I have found really important when covering emotive topics. I’m delighted to see Tracy moving forward in this area as I’ve always felt her skill and experience to be ideally suited to helping people on their journey in life.
― Kate M
Anxiety, Trauma, Career/Academic Concerns, Life Transitions, Relationship Issues, Self-Esteem/Body Image Conflicts, etc.
I specialize in coaching those experiencing Anxiety, Trauma, Career/Academic Concerns, Life Transitions, Relationship Issues and Self-Esteem/Body Image Conflicts.
Weight Loss Coaching, Academic Coaching
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Relationship, Family, Romantic, Spiritual, Academic, Managing stress, Communication, Behavioral, Personal goals, Financial and Career Coaching.
I have worked with families, couples, one on one with adults, youth and children. I have practiced numerous therapy modalities including CBT, Art, Reality based, music, Talk, Meditation and Coaching for over 8 years.
Career Transition & Transformation, Leadership, Management & Teams, Academic (Post-Graduate)
Career Transition & Transformation Coaching - Whether you have been downsized, outplaced, or simply need to find your next play, I help you rediscover You at your best. Together we develop a Mindful Intention for your life, and the right career through which you will fulfill it. Leadership Coaching - You are about to move from an operational role into a true leadership role. How do you think about what leadership means to you and your organization in the context of 21st-century business realities? What effects will your leadership have on your organization's culture, and how will you create the effects that enable your organization to thrive? Having worked with many leaders and organizations, I help you truly become a contemporary leader. Management & Team Coaching - "Modern" management practice has been rooted in the industrial mindset of the 20th century that considers people as little more than replaceable machine parts motivated by extrinsic incentives. Successful contemporary management and teams increasingly find themselves adopting appreciative practices that encourage intrinsic motivation for all management functions, from hiring to delegation to performance through to discipline, feedback, and termination. Academic (Post-Graduate) Coaching - As those who are in master's and (especially) doctoral programs, there are unique sets of issues that emerge from personal motivation to framing research questions to research methods to dealing with literature to dealing with supervisors and committees. I don't take the place of your supervisor; instead I augment the work of your supervisor to help you keep perspective, stay motivated, and through specific technical guidance in the thesis process. (My research methodological specialty is qualitative analysis in the constructivist and critical paradigms among the social sciences.)
Relationships, spirituality, mental health screening, family, academic, stress management.
22 years experience in the health/mental health field with first hand experience identifying complicated issues relating to health care management, mental health and counseling.
Years ago I was satisfied enough with my everyday life, successful relationships and when facing a mirror I received in return the image of a good looking woman . But one day I realized that those feelings became to fade. Something was going wrong and I couldn’t know why. Angry thoughts were growing as I discovered I was not satisfied with my usual routines anymore, internal discomforts appeared frequently and even the shape of my body had changed. For the worse. One day, confused with what I had to change to recover my personal good feelings again, I met Paula. She was extremely patient listening and prudently began to ask me details of every aspect of my life, from the past and today, and trying to help me to establish my goals, step by step. Paula designed for me a program that included gradual changes in my daily behaviour, a more healthy way of eating (respecting most of my preferences) and a constant follow up while I was recovering every day a piece of my lost self confidence. It was not a “copy/paste” coaching program, because Paula’s follow up included my comments about very personal reactions to her coaching, modifying something if necessary and sharing my happiness of feeling closer and closer to my goals. I am sure now that I will complete them very soon.
― B.A.B

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