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I was devastated when I was down-sized from my prestigious organization - and only a month before my full retirement. I could barely get out of bed. It was Tom whose listening and feedback helped me process through this shock and emerge the better. Finding a strong position at my age was not something I thought was going to happen - but it did. Thanks in large part to Tom
― Dan Z
I am not a young person anymore, I must say, as I retired from a very busy and successful working life. Nevertheless, I liked to think I was in a quite good physical and mental condition, specially compared with some friends of mine, all about my age. But I was not satisfied in the comfort of that comparison and not resigned with certain subtle feelings about myself that became stronger every day. So I shared those thoughts with Paula and she designed for me a truly personal and holistic program, after a deep knowledge of my daily behaviours, including regular activities I have nowadays, what I usually eat, how and when, but also taking into consideration my preferences, what I like to do and eat, what I reject and why. This “tailored made” program matches with my profound belief that there is not a recipe for everyone to improve or change habits, behaviours or solve personal discomfort of any kind. We are not all the same. And that is the reason I follow Paula´s coaching with less effort and saw very quick results. Those results are materialised every day (lost weight, regained energy and mental clarity, incorporated healthy changes) and I am encouraged to follow her coaching, as now I know there is no age or personal situation that prevent us to be more satisfied with ourselves.
― R.H - Retired
During the transition into my new position as a Senior Executive for the Department of the Interior, I was fortunate to have established a connection with Lynn. Lynn quickly made me feel at ease, even though our meetings were all virtual. Lynn was always a supportive and reassuring presence to provide me feedback on managing difficult employees, what to expect from my new role as a Senior Executive, how to improve morale within my program area, and to provide goals for not only myself but how to effectively communicate new ideas and encourage critical thinking within my staff area and Senior Executive associates. I will attest, I endured some very difficult times during my time as Director, and Lynn always was there to provide a listening ear, and offer various ways of support to navigate through those tenuous times. Having retired from 30 years of federal service, Lynn was also there to assist me with that transition. And what a transition it is! I would highly recommend Lynn to anyone who is considering a professional career coach, regardless of whether you are just starting a career, or at the highest levels of management. Having Lynn in your corner will help build the confidence needed to take on great challenges!
― Tim Lynn Department of the Interior / Office of the Secretary Director - Office of Law Enforcement a
I had the pleasure and benefit of working with Catherine and UpShift Coaching as part of my personal plan to get the much needed coaching as I embarked on a journey of leaving corporate life behind. I worked with Catherine for 4 months prior to my final day in corporate life. Needless to say I was nervous about leaving the world of deadlines, deliverables, daily pressures and the need to achieve every day behind, after all that is all I have ever known and like most of us in corporate life it does consume you and become you. Catherine is a tremendous coach. She helped me see my new world and the possibilities of shifting from a world dominated by achievements to a new world enriched in fulfilling opportunities that synch up with my personal values. She has a unique ability to ask those provocative questions that quite simply stopped me dead in my tracks causing me to reflect about what is important to me and how these deeply rooted values could shape this new world of mine. She has given me a tremendous kick-start into this new phase of life and with her help I face it not with fear, trepidation or ambiguity but with a sense of direction, wonder and a ‘world of possibilities’ mindset. Catherine – awesome job couldn’t have gotten this far on the road to change without your careful guidance, insights and those “questions”. Thanks and will be in touch.
“When I met Jill, I had just made a huge and frightening change in my life by retiring from my job at 50, in order to be more present at home for my kids and to find “work” that felt more purposeful. I was in a place of uncertainty and felt unclear about what direction to take. As with most things in life, the action to start something new - that first step - is one of the most difficult. Jill’s style of coaching made me feel instantly comfortable to move forward. Her coaching helped me to identify a path and create positive change in my life, from which I gained momentum and further desire to continue to stretch myself. My life has changed considerably since I began coaching with Jill and I look forward to my future with an excitement I had not felt before.”
"Ramon is a rock star. He quickly threw me a curve ball that was spot on. He clearly understood and articulated the issues and the best approach. One of the best coaching sessions I have ever had."
― Morgan W
When I first contacted Steve Wrigley, I was struggling in a number of areas of my life. My biggest challenge was that I had just lost a big client, which for years had been my primary source of income. Additionally, I was also struggling with serious career burnout, family relationship challenges, anxiety, and some depression. I was also facing the stark reality that I would have to end my ten years of running my own company and return to full-time work, working for someone else. And I didn’t have the tools to cope and recover. I was drowning. I decided to get some professional career coaching since that aspect of my life was at the root of my struggles. I called Steve and found him personable, a good listener, knowledgeable, and eager to help, so I decided to proceed. Long story short, he was amazing. We met weekly over a period of a few months and he was an incredible resource to get my life back on track. His breadth of experience was actually an asset, not a liability. For example, it was a principle in a marriage book that he recommended that unlocked a huge breakthrough in my perplexing career struggles. His expertise in midlife crisis was also a huge help.
― Matt M.
Business, Life, Retirement, Weight Loss, Spiritual, Wellness, Team Development, Stress, Relationship, Financial, Sales, Marketing, Writing, Leadership, Performance, Communication, Depression, Career, Wealth, Academia, Health, Personal, Mindfulness, Arts, Fitness, Nutrition, Executive, Transitions, Goals, Self Growth & Development, Image, Family Coaching.
“Carol is an experienced and talented coach who has the ability to unlock the potential in any individual. She worked with me in optimising educational and coaching strategies that will ensure vocational satisfaction and continual personal development. A rare combination of academic expertise, dedicated educator, and coach – she can offer deep understanding and mindful respect towards the nature of human existence and their significant role in life. Years of experience as training specialist has made her effective in the guidance she gives while bringing clarity to the stories that unfold collectively and individually towards greater purpose and meaning with formidable impact to reduce trauma and stress.”
― Martin Brits
I’ve known (and respected) Mike for over thirty years, from when he was employed on the executive team at the Herbert River Canegrowers and I was that organisation’s local insurance manager. Eventually we both moved to Cairns and I’d bump into Mike occasionally at business or community functions but more often than not I’d read about Mike in the papers in his role as the regional general manager for the Royal Flying Doctor Service. In that capacity Mike not only brought a greater community focus on the RFDS but in my view, he contributed so much to that organisation’s development and service initiatives throughout Far North Queensland. I keep telling him that he needs to write that book! By coincidence, all these years later, Mike and I live in the same beautiful part of Far North Queensland in Redlynch Valley. Saturday morning will often see us having a chat over my front garden fence as Mike helpfully (and with great tact) will point out a weed or two that I have missed! A life coach should be a good listener and Mike is great at that. A life coach should, I think, allow you to look at yourself, where you’re going in life and maybe some options on how to get there. And like the best coaches in sport or business, it’s left up to you to make those choices, with Mike at your side if that’s what you need. Mike quietly weaves in life circumstances and shared experiences as naturally as drinking a glass of water. I sometimes think I’m getting free support over our weekend garden chats. There’s more than just weeds in the garden that he’s helped me to eradicate. John Devaney Redlynch Valley June 2017
Money Beliefs, Behaviors, and Challenges / Retirement Lifestyle Planning and Challenges
I'm a Certified Money Coach (CMC) and a Certified Professional Retirement Coach. I help people with issues around money beliefs, behaviors, and challenges (i.e., communication, earning, spending, other patterns of behavior) through Money Coaching. I am also a Certified Professional Retirement Coach, helping those who are approaching or in retirement and wondering if there is more to "retirement life" than they are experiencing, focusing on the facets of spirituality, mental and physical health, financial concerns, and social networks -- a very holistic and introspective experience.
Personal Coaching, Career Coaching, Family Coaching, Financial Coaching, Retirement Coaching
As Personal Development Consultant/Coach, I work with a wide range of clients and offer a very individualized approach. In a very supportive and positive atmosphere, with sessions via the telephone or Messenger/Skype, I help clients reach professional goals and explore areas for personal growth. I will start with an initial assessment to clearly define your short and long term goals and discuss your values and current perspectives. We will use this information to create a strategy for a successful change in your life. Focus Areas Financial Growth Career Growth Interpersonal Challenges Family Development Growth Personal Development Growth Well-Balanced Life Professional Development Inner Peace Time Management
Betsy has helped me identify my strengths, clarify my goals, and motivated me to take action. I would highly recommend her services to people looking to make positive changes in their lives and careers!
― Courtney K.
I work with young adults who are seeking to determine what career might best fit their strengths, with mid-career job seekers looking for meaningful work, and with clients at pre-retirement age interested in finding a way to contribute while in retirement. Career Coaching can help you Conduct a self audit of your skills, abilities, and gifts, develop plans that play to your strengths, identify skills and develop new habits for increased effectiveness with managers, peers and work teams, clarify a vision and mission for your work life, or retirement dreams, and helps one think outside the box to create a more fulfilling life.
My specialties include ADHD coaching, strength based coaching, positive psychology and DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy). I combine my extensive research and knowledgebase in these areas of to coach my clients.
-Young adults transitioning from college to early career, including first-generation-to college students. -Young professionals ages 22-30. -Women transitioning to the workforce after a break for childcare, etc. -Moms and Dads balancing career and family life. -Retirees or those considering what a retirement life plan will look like for them.
My coaching service incorporates over 30 years of meditation and mindulness practices, creative arts, Co-Active Model training, positive psychology, college access and success, career preparation and upward mobility, and study of aging and longevity support models. I specialize in coaching individuals in life transitions, into and out of careers to support their holistic development and life purpose growth. I love working with young adults preparing for early career; new parents looking for balance in family and career; and recent or soon-to-be retirees looking to design for this new life stage.
Just got off a call with Dale. At the beginning she asked what I wanted to get out of the call and I jokingly said "an epiphany, of course!". Well... I had one. ???? I was explaining that it felt like I was efforting my way through a project instead of being in creative flow. We chatted about this a bit and then I went on to talk about what impact being in creative flow has had on me in other aspects of my life and used this example from my work life to illustrate those impacts: It used to be that I would get stressed out about creating presentations when how to share and present certain information didn't immediately come to me. I'd spin about it for a while then have to go to meetings or leave to pick up the kids, etc. and then get busy with other things. I'd come back to it the next day and would come to find that I'd have an idea about how to proceed. I would repeat the process of not knowing, stressing, needing to set it aside, coming back to it and having a new idea until I finished it. Dale helped me recognize where my fresh ideas come from and in recognizing that, I stopped stressing about getting the presentations done and have accepted the process as just that: the process I go through to create the presentation. And I trust it. It always works out! As soon as I said those words, lightning struck. I realized that THIS IS THE SAME PROCESS I CAN FOLLOW FOR MY CURRENT PROJECT! I can now see that the stepping away and doing other things is how I quiet the thoughts and that's when the creative flow has room to engage so that new ideas can present themselves. And how freaking cool is that?!
― Leslie K.
Professional and Business Consulting Self-Actualization Coaching Stress Affect Resolution Mindfulness Burnout PTSD
Allen is an independent researcher into the inner language of self-expression. His special talent is to draw out your hidden thoughts - the underlying problem elements of your challenges - and coach you to their solutions. His view of the person and the mind is unique, so his approach to accessing your subliminal awareness is different. Yet it is as easy to experience as talking with an interested friend. Allen is a veteran who has been in the world for a long time and seen the worst and the best of it, so he can hear you. He serves as an unaffiliated private Chaplain, which permits absolute client confidentiality without dogma, preaching or discrimination. Allen's insights and methods result in rapid improvement. Critical issues usually resolve very quickly, which is why Allen is often thought of as the coach of last resort. Please note that Allen's work is not a traditional business. Allen lives on his retirement. All earnings from this site go directly into a charitable trust. Your fees are fully tax-deductible, either as legitimate business consulting and training expenses, or as charitable contributions, as you see fit. He will provide you with the appropriate entity names and tax ID numbers during your initial setup.
Great content, clear presentation. Gives me hope and a new perspective on the Job Seeking process... Thanks!
― Neta H.
I help individuals connect, discover, and create lives that are aligned with who they truly are and what they LOVE!
Transitions - Divorce, Retirement, Career, Single & Co-parenting Relationships - Couples Coaching & helping individuals in difficult relationships Life Purpose - Help discover your passions and purpose Leadership - Help individuals become optimal Leaders in their lives & career
What I promise as a Coach: Create yourself as a world of possibilities, not by what the past says that you are, but by the future that your who you are as a possibility says you are. Open up a world for yourself that you have never before thought is available. Create yourself in the light of being unstoppable in the face of adversity and gain more confidence, courage, freedom from resentment, a new way of listening, and peace of mind. Be someone people love saying YES to and share yourself with as who you are as the possibility(ies) you have declared that you are. Create a life worth living and a lifestyle worth sharing. Coaching by Yours Truly, Yuriy
Life Coaching Weight Loss Coaching Spiritual Coaching Retirement Coaching Health And Wellness Coaching Stress Reduction Coaching Relationship Coaching Academic Coaching Business Coaching Career Coaching Executive Coaching Leadership Coaching Communication Coaching Dating Coaching Family Coaching Financial Coaching Wealth Coaching Sales Coaching ADD/ADHD Coaching Life Coaching Personal Coaching
Executive and Leadership Coaching
Certificates of Note: Myers-Briggs Temperament Indicator (MBTI) Certification, DDI and PDI 360 Leadership Certifications, Booth Co Task Cycle 360s, Herman Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI) Certification, Clark Wilson 360/720 Degree Certification, CDR, CDP, DiSC, Instructor Certification- Covey Speed of Trust (SoT), Lean Six SigmaGreen Belt, and Vital Smart Certified Instructor for Crucial Conversations, Crucial Confrontations and Influencer Training, & Instructor for AARP LR Checkups, Certified in Retirement Success Profile (RSP) and Life Options Profile (LOP). I also coach on many other assessments: Emotional Intelligence, Leadership Effectiveness Indicator (LEI). 2017 Continuing Education: Graduate of VAs Information & Security training and Core Training for Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ).
Life & Personal Career, Business & Leadership Spiritual
Small business & entrepreneurship * clarifying and launching new business ventures, * preparing marketing plans for new and established businesses * adjusting to a new leadership role * returning to the workforce * identifying your ideal career, changing careers or downsizing careers for semi-retirement
Health, relationships, personal, marriage, family, family planning, infertility, adoption and parenting.
I have experience in family planning, health, wellness, infertility, relationships, marriage, retirement planning, stress management and so much more.
Karah facilitated leadership training for my staff in two different organizations over the last four years. She facilitated two different sessions for fire officers in Vail, and two different sessions for executive staff and fire officers in Loveland, Co. The leadership training centered around development of, and understanding of, our personal core values, strengths, calling in life, and understanding and developing a purpose statement that incorporates all the aforementioned aspects. Karah has amazing insight in regards to leadership development, what drives leaders, and what it takes to live to your full potential as a leader and human being. She incorporates humor, as well as a depth and breadth of experience, including her own personnel leadership journey and challenges she has faced that have shaped her character. Karah is approachable, relatable, an encourager, mentor, and facilitates large or small groups with confidence and ease. My staff/employees loved Karah and we look forward to doing more leadership development with her in the future. I highly recommend Karah for leadership development, whether it be for you or your employees!
― Mark M.

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