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Calls: $50
Relationships, Conflict Resolution, Communication
ICF Certified Life Coach OMEA Certified Mediator NFPT Certified Personal Fitness Trainer
I am a certified life and business coach living in Bend, Oregon. I serve clients locally in-person, and around the world via phone and video. As a life and business coach, I exceed all of the educational requirements & training set forth by the International Coaching Federation. In addition, I am certified as a Mediator in the state of Oregon and I mediate conflict at the Deschutes County Court House & the Central Oregon Community Solutions Center. I am a third-generation entrepreneur, who is passionate about small business & individuals creatively living their dreams. I have owned and operated three successful small businesses in the last 15 years, and I have helped countless others to thrive. Finally, I hold a certification as a NFPT Fitness Trainer, and I'm in love with the idea of humans living the healthiest versions of themselves. I like to coach by allowing your path to naturally reveal itself. Through engaging dialogue, quiet reflection, active assignments, and thought provoking questions & ideas, you will find yourself quickly moving forward into more of who you want to be (and what you want to 'get' in your life). I can teach you practical skills to help you surmount obstacles, increase your emotional intelligence, strengthen your communication skills, heal your emotional wounds, and make profound life changes. Our sessions will help you to connect to yourself more deeply, increasing your clarity, self-confidence, and ability to speak your truth. You will gain the aptitude to increase stability and satisfaction in your life, vastly improve the quality of your relationships, and no longer be limited by your fears. My clients cultivate the ability to stand firmly in their beliefs, live authentically & decisively, and discover an experience of life that is easy and rewarding.
Calls: $75
Life coaching, helping people live healthier, happier and more fulfilling lives.
I'm a coach who is walking out what I help my clients through. A life long fitness advocate triathlete and marathoner who still had a heart attack in 2011. I've suffered major losses personally and professionally. Yet I've found a way to get back on the horse and ignite that inner fire we all have. I coach from experience knowing that we all have what it takes to succeed in life. But from time to time we need someone to come along side and help us see the way. That's what I do and I look forward to helping you achieve your dreams and goals.