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Calls: $55
I stumbled into LiveCoach for a free trial and was immediately drawn to Sheryl’s profile. I signed up for a free phone consultation with her, and I haven’t been the same since. Sheryl has years of experience and a multitude of resources, yet I never feel that she is just regurgitating information AT me. She took the time from our first conversation, before I had even committed to her being my coach, to really develop a balanced relationship—a true give and take. I always feel heard and supported in our conversations, and she seems to know when I need a pick-me-up and sends me positive vibes. She is very knowledgeable about my individual goals, and not only checks in on my progress, but also makes suggestions to guide my growth. She herself is open to growth, and when I present her with ideas she is unfamiliar with, she does her research or allows me the opportunity to enlighten her. In a short amount of time, Sheryl has helped me more than I can adequately express. She is genuine and kind and I couldn’t be happier with her as my coach.
― Kayla W
Calls: $30
Sales, marketing, branding, and bringing products to market are the areas of my expertise. Gained from launching a number of software startup companies. And having had grest teachers and mentors myself.
Over the past 37 years, I have a hand in creating and building seven software companies to successful exit or strong ongoing growth. This experience has taught me how to think creatively about strategy and vision, how to define product-market fit, and how to build high-performance sales teams. My most recent startup is Wistia.
Calls: $50
Wellness, Nutrition, Health and Organizing
BS in psychology from Tufts University; graduate of the New England School of Whole Health Education; certified life coach from Fowler International Academy of Life Coaching; runs a successful organizing business.
For over 15 years, Maureen Nuccitelli has run a full service organizing company that provides clients with the know-how, tools and systems to help create an organized space throughout their homes. She compassionately coaches clients on goal setting, financial budgeting and time-management. She also happens to be a Life and Wellness Coach and helps people understand their health. She provides strategies to clients for improving their health and getting organized around maintaining their wellness.