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Calls: $50
Personal growth, self-improvement, holistic health & wellbeing, self-confidence, self-esteem, empowerment, finding your true purpose, discovering your calling, aligning inner and outer worlds.
Degree in Psychology from Northwestern University Experience running non-clinical discussion groups around healing from trauma Certified Domancic Bio-Energy Practitioner (energy healing modality) Extensive background in mindfulness, meditation, Buddhism, yoga, holistic nutrition, health and wellness and natural healing Facilitates monthly women's meditation group
My Philosophy: - I believe we all have the power to DISCOVER and BE the best version of ourselves. - This involves WORK, and in coaching, it's YOUR job to do most of the heavy lifting. - MY job is to ask the right questions, structure the discovery process and give you tools and resources to look deeply into your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual lives. Most clients come to me because they've reached a breaking point, hit a new low, or realized that they cannot go on living life the same way. Together, we will (1) figure out what's not working, (2) envision the more beautiful world you know is possible, and design a plan to make this dream a reality. How I Work: In addition to specific external goals, I work with all my clients on issues related to their identity, self-worth, self-judgement/doubt, and the "Inner Critic". We can only make lasting external change in our lives by going deeply inside and changing our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. No matter how "surface level" your goal may sound, if you have a goal and haven't achieved it, there's an internal conflict that needs to be sorted out. My greatest strengths are helping clients overcome negative self-talk and move beyond fear. I also help clients change their relationship to uncertainty to LOVE and RELISH in the unknown. After all, this experience of life is more mysterious than any of us can know. Once we've begun the deep inner work, I help clients design small, bite-sized "experiments" to stretch outside their comfort zone and expand the realm of what's possible for their life. My approach is grounded in non-denominational, non-dogmatic spiritual beliefs that if we are each able to be the best version of ourselves, we can help make the world a more beautiful place together. Contact me to learn more! If it seems like we're a fit, I can usually accommodate one FREE phone consultation to get to know each other better.
Calls: $75
When I started working with Harlan, it was to assist me in the progression of starting a new business.I didn't realize that my behavior patterns were affecting both my professional life as well as my personal life. While exploring and committing to make the best of one, I was gifted with improvement in all aspects of my life. I finally feel I am who, and where I should be. It is such an overwhelming and liberating feeling. Harlan provided the tools, support and encouragement necessary to unblock my negative perceptions and energy and eliminate my limiting beliefs. He also provided a safe, non-judging, compassionate, and insightful environment that allowed me to explore, experiment, and discover who I was truly meant to be, and I cannot thank him enough!
― Tanya H.
Calls: $50
Just had a call with Mariana last week. She had the power to make me feel calm when talking with her.
― Chris P.
Calls: $50
Do you want to find your internal home, your center, your awareness, your knowing, your compass? What needs to be cleared and released for that part that is already part of you to be revealed? The nervous system may need to be balanced. Old habits and patterns may need to be acknowledged and released. Clear intentions may need established. Do you intend to change the world? Release sexual shame? Create intimate relationships that feel connected, strong and honest? I listen with a wide focus, tune in to the most important channels, and assist you in finding YOUR truth. My goal is to help you turn on your intuition and access the wisdom within you. With all the chaos in this crazy spinning planet, what will allow you to be clear in your unique path, in harmony with the world around you? Coaching specialties: Relationships, Nervous System Regulation, Stress reduction, Spirituality, Health and wellness, Presence and Mindfulness, Trauma release, Inner path, Embodiment, Meditation
Polarity Life Coach certification Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy certification Access Bars Practitioner
I want to help you succeed in life by assisting you in finding your inner wisdom. The body knows how to heal itself when the mind cooperates, and when the mind and body are integrated, the "right path" for you is more clear. With a background in dance, massage and craniosacral therapy, my coaching follows an embodied, intuitive approach. I may incorporate Somatic Experiencing, mindfulness and awareness techniques, two-chair / empty chair, Access Consciousness and authentic relating. I am always learning new modalities to find what works for me, and I seek to assist you in recognizing what works for you. I used to be confused, frozen, and scared of life. I blindly followed the crowd and what "should" be done, because I didn't know what was true for me. I heard differing opinions left and right. I've been on a journey of opening up to my own brilliance, understanding what works for me, learning to trust myself and deepening connections with other people. It's now easier for me to speak up for my needs, to be with difficult conversations and find resolution, and to feel calm in situations that once gave me anxiety. I continue to seek balance in all aspects of life. I seek to grow, to discover the most joy I can possibly experience, and to develop deep connections with my inner self, the people I meet, and the earth and all the brilliant life it contains.