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Heather clearly and concisely explained the process that we would go through and I was excited at the prospect of having a clearer picture of who I was and what my purpose is.  I have struggled with identity issues and knowing God’s purpose for my life.     Since we began our coaching sessions, my thinking is changing.  I am more positive about my life.  My binge eating addiction has been removed and I am learning to love and value myself while making healthy changes.  Heather has guided me in setting up realistic goals and is encouraging me to take the steps necessary to achieve them.  The vision statement has had the most impact so far, because I now have hope for the future.     I would highly recommend Heather Hancock as a Life Coach.  She is respectful, kind, compassionate and focused.  She is skillful in what she does and gently calls me to account when needed.  The coaching process is priceless and I truly believe that if anyone has the opportunity to invest in themselves and choose a Life Coach, that Heather would be a great Coach to partner with. She is a solid Christian woman, who truly understands suffering and knows how to walk alongside those that are suffering."    
― Nicole
Calls: $50
Strategic Intervention, business coaching, life coaching, relationship coaching
Certified Life Coach, Certified Master Life Coach, Strategic Interventionist Coach
Shawn currently runs his coaching practice, The Ollin Group of Coaches, along with his wife, Keli. After having been a coach in various guisesfrom the time he was young, Shawn was able to realize a life-long dream of running a full-time martial arts academy alongside Keli. Together, the couple ran various training and personal development programs through the academy, as well as a raw foods restaurant and year-long instructor college. Shawn has also had thehonour and privilege of learningfrom some of the world's top personal development coaches, including Steve G. Jones, Dr. Joe Vitale, Anthony Robbins and others. This, combined with his own experience ofsuccess and failure has contributed immensely tothe amazing coaching practice the couple sharetoday. Shawnspecializes in helping peoplecreate life balance, improve their relationships with friends, family and clients, overcome problem areas such as procrastination and anxiety, and significantly increase their income thereby reaching the next level in business and life. Shawn continues to pursue his other passions in life including his beautiful family, art and writing, Muay Thai and MMA, spending time in nature and meditation/mindfulness practice. We are all here for a reason, and Shawn's is helping people discover what that is while creating transformation in their professional and personal lives.
Calls: $110
SIMPLY THE BEST. Before choosing to work with Terry, I spoke with 4 other Life Coaches and a psychologist; I was really lost and trying everything (and everyone) that could help me surpass what I was going through. I was convinced that I wanted to work with a female Life Coach (being a female myself), but from the first 2 minutes of speaking to Terry, I felt that this was someone who really gets me (like a close friend) and knows what I'm going through. Terry had the best advice on various "life situations" and all the tips he gave me always made perfect sense. He's truly the best guide to help anyone get through a difficult or confusing period. When I first contacted Terry, I didn't even know what was going wrong. He helped me pinpoint what wasn't going well and how to make it go well - without taking drastic decisions right away that I might regret later. I would recommend Terry to anyone who's feeling confused at any point in their life regarding any situation... Terry will be there to listen to you and to guide you to a happier and more positive place. Thank you Terry for doing this for a living and for spreading positivity in the world.
Calls: $75
Eric is not only a great listener, but he is great at digging to get to the heart of the issue to find a solution. There are several issues that we worked on that I thought would take multiple sessions and a lot of work to get through, but Eric’s insight made such a difference in such a short amount of time. I am really glad that I found Eric and was able to work with him. I will certainly be reaching out to him more in the future.
― Jessa.B
I smashed a goal I had been stuck on for over a decade by the third session! My goal seemed totally unattainable prior to working with Melissa. She has the natural ability to zero in and see past the BS story that’s holding you back and support you in reaching your goals. She pushed me through fears I’ve had for years that kept me spinning in circles never making a breakthrough - So grateful for Melissa in my life!"
Calls: $100
Hello Sandy: After your coaching regarding “manifesting” my goals and dreams, I decided to give it a try. I will be honest….when you were coaching me about it, I was only really buying in at about 50% but I thought I would give it a go. This was my outcome: I wanted to attend the 2017 Women in Ag Conference. I manage our family dairy farm and this would be an amazing conference to attend. The conference is not a fashion show but rather a business management training opportunity for women in agriculture. I proceed with“manifesting” attending the conference with funding. I put forth great effort into acquiring funding. After contacting the MOAL, many ag producer associations, agricultural funding organizations, my MLA, even Women in Agriculture Conference itself, I was politely turned down by every organization that I contacted. Feeling a little down, I decided that maybe I wasn’t going to get funding but I was willing to pay the price to attend regardless. My husband and I decided that the farm should cover the cost for me to attend the conference. It was officially confirmed that this “manifestation” thing was hogwash! After much thought and disappointment, I went onto the website to register and provide my credit card number to cover the cost of the conference. The website kept jamming so I phoned the phone number listed on the website. The Women in Ag representative that answered the phone had never heard of anyone having any problems with the website. She said that I could just register over the phone. I provided my information and credit card number and I was officially registered to attend the 2017 Women in Ag Conference. Now feeling excited that I was actually attending, I was still a bit concerned about the cost. She asked me how I heard about the conference. I replied that I had seen it on Facebook. She asked if I knew of any organizations that she could contact to promote the conference to the women in agriculture within the province of BC. Don’t I ever! I said “I can help you with that”! As a producer (and a women in Ag) in BC, I can contact all of these BC Agricultural organizations to request that they promote this conference. Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario all have funding available. Saskatchewan even organizes an entire tour bus to transport women to the conference! Our province should be promoting and providing funding for this as well. I then asked the Women in Ag Conference representative “If I put some time into this and I contact organizations to request they promote this as well as provide some funding, would you give me a free seat in your conference”? She didn’t even hesitate “Yes we will….I will not process your credit card, you have a seat in our conference. I will email you a package to provide to your contacts regarding the particulars of the conference. It is a good thing that our website jammed up on you!” I couldn’t believe it! Yup, I did in fact get funding!! It is winter time and I just happen to have some time to put into this project. I’m in! I used my air miles to get a 100% free return flight to Calgary. One of my best friends just moved to downtown Calgary and she has a guest room with my name on it. BAM….I manifested funding for the conference. My expenses would have been about $1,200. It ended up costing me 2 taxi fares to the hotel and back! Yes, Sandy Mills…It is very possible to “manifest” your life! I look forward to working with you! Pattie Babij Jan 2017
― Pattie B.
Calls: $50
Executives, Business, Sales, Finances, Leadership, Health & Fitness
Certifications ICF Verified
Bachelor's - Education and currently completing her BA in Psychology. Professional Certified Coach with International Coach Foundation Certified EQi assessor Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor Faculty member of CoachU Inc (coach training)
Maureen is a coach based in Black Creek, Canada, with credentials from the international coaching federation. Maureen specializes in Corporate/Organizational, Health/Wellness, Team Effectiveness, has experience working with clients in the following positions: C-Suite CEO/CIO/CFO, Teams and Groups, Vice President/SVP/EVP, and speaks the following languages: English. Her business clients come from the following sectors: Communications, Entertainment, and Media, Education, Government and Public, Health, Pharmaceutical and Science. Maureen has Prior Experience Delivering Coach Skills Training to Managers and Leaders
Calls: $25
Achieving Personal Goals, Communication, Relationships, Spiritual, Academic
B.A., (Bristol, Sorbonne) M.Ed., M.Phil. (Leeds) CPCC (Certified Professional Co-Active Coach) designation from theCoaches Training Institute (CTI), the worlds premier coaching school. PCC (Professional Certified Coach) credential from the International Coach Federation (ICF), the professions licensing body.
Meguido is an experienced coach, based in Vancouver, Canada, with a Professional Certified Coach credential from the International Coach Federation (ICF), the professions licensing body. His lifework is focused on supporting you 'Become the Promise of who You Are' (the name of his coaching practice). He has experience life- and executive- coaching a wide diversity of clients. He is a professional writer, schoolteacher and university professor. "When I coach," he says, "my heart sings, my soul soars!"
Calls: $80
When I met Eric, I was making good money but felt stuck, and frustrated. He was referred to me by a friend and I was skeptical. In few sessions, he helped me unblocked my potential, and since then, I am unstoppable. I don't force anything anymore, everything flows for my highest good. I double my sales in one year time which was more than I expected. I highly recommend him.
― Sunil, M, Hong kong
Internationally certified Life and Success Coach, Master Spirit Coach, 300hr Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training, Certified Mindset Ambassador with Wealthy Woman Warrior