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Calls: $40
I believe a meaningful and happy life is all about alignment. It is alignment with who you are and what you stand for. It is alignment between what you want for yourself and the actions that you undertake to reach your goal. Alignment can be achieved in many ways and each person finds her own. As a coach, I respect my clients chosen path. I offer my clients a mirror to see themselves and their environment clearly and I support them in choosing next steps towards their purpose.
International Coach Federation Associated Certified Coach Bachelor's degree in Information Technology.
I experienced coaching first as a client and then as a coach and I believe it is the best way to ensure a long lasting positive change in myself and consequently in my life. I have been a manager in the software development field for the last 10 years and this experience has thought me a lot about success in the business environment and about what it takes to change a system and with it the behavior of the people that form it.
Calls: $50
Life coaching,psichology,nutrition,meditation,tantra,tethahealing.
practitioner thetahealling basic DNA
Hello! my name is Florina,and im a proffesional Life coach,who found this path not by accident or despear,but by purpose,first i was atracted to learn human psychology as a way of life and understandig people,after i wanted to make it a way of my life to work hellp and share new ideas,storyes,and gaining youre life back,the new you as a human beeing,to reach new experiences of life,to see behind the veil.
Calls: $65
“After just one discussion with Razvan I learned to love myself and accept myself just as I am… I learned to be happy like a child for every gift life is giving me.. A sincere smile… A ray of light… a sincere embrace.”