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Calls: $60
Career coaching, sales coaching, leadership and development
Certifications ICF Verified
Professional Certified Coach with the ICF Licenced Business Practioner of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
I have almost 20 years experience of executive coaching. I love helping people to realise their goals. I will work in a number of ways with you to help you see what you can achieve and more and work with you whilst you grow to not only achieve your goals but smash them! I specialise in remote coaching, be that via messaging, phone or video.
Calls: $50
Personal Empowerment, Stress and Anxiety, Relationships, Strategic Business Development
Gina Gardiner is a multiple No 1 International Best Selling author, Motivational speaker, trainer and Coach with well over 30 years experience of helping people achieve happiness and success. She has supported many, many individuals and couples to develop a greater sense of selfworth, the confidence to challenge and change limiting beliefs in order to become more loving towards themselves and others. She is passionate about helping her clients to achieve their full potential to become genuinely their best self. Following a serious ski accident and two failed back surgeries,Gina learned to walk twice as an adult whilst running an award-winning organisation, mostly from a wheelchair.The gift of this experience was the development of a unique approach to life and developing leadership. Since 2004 she branched out on her own and has worked with countless individuals and couples helping them to learn the lessons from their past in order to achieve happiness and fulfilment. She believes Life can be incredibly challenging, relationships, work, finances, health all vie for our attention.We are all pulled this way and that and there are times when it can feel overwhelming. Our beliefs and the quality of our thinking makes an enormous difference to the quality of our lives.Most people carry their limiting beliefs around with them into every situation and as a result, live a life which is completely limited by those beliefs. Being"mindful" and learning to focus on what you can do rather than what you can't will significantly improve the quality of your life. Helping people to navigate the challenges life brings is the focus of her latest International Bestselling bookThriving Not Surviving - The 5 Secret Pathways to Happiness, Success and Fulfilment" Gina walks her talk - all the strategies she offers through her books and programmes are based on strategies she has used herself and with many other clients who have achieved great success from using them.Her work is the culmination of personal experience and decades of working with people to help them achieve personal empowerment and fulfilment.Holding the space for her clients, listening not only to what they say but to what is left unsaid, giving them a safe environment where they feel valued is a vital part of her work. Gina has experienced incredible challenges and setbacks and understands just how difficult it is to pick yourself up and start again.She has a wealth of experience of working with children and adults from all walks of life and in helping, teams and whole organisations become more successful. She has a real passion to make a positive difference. She cares deeply and has dedicated her lifes work to empowering others.