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Calls: $30
My coaching can be described as gentle healing with intuitive wisdom. The clients that are ideal are the ones that have an open mind that are ready to change and transform their lives if that is you we are going to get along great! You just have to say I am ready for transformation
Certified Animal Reiki Master Certified Usui Reiki Master
Hello! My name is Manda I have been an intuitive life coach for 10 years and I have developed my spirituality and psychic abilities for the last 5 years. I have professionally read tarot and healed peoples energy for the last 5 yesrs and counting this is what i came to earth to do!help people release blocks and reach their full potential while also embarking on their spiritual journey, work and better their relationships, score that dream job, and live the life they have dreamed of!
Calls: $50
Intuitive Consultant, as a professional Coach, i help client attain the personal growth and transformation that allows them to thrive. I offer additional support by given them a private email address and my private cell phone number. I also provide night and weekend appointments. Sessions are conducted by phone,Internet or in person.
I have a B.A in sociology, I have worked in the mental health field as a mental health assistant for 11 years. I am a justice of the peace, I Believe in God, Community active, I am a 1199 SEIU delegate for 10 years. I advocate for the one's that cannot advocate for themselves. I believe that once we are happy with self, we have the power to do the impossible. I am a travel agent, a mother of a lovely young ladyou. I have found my king.