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Calls: $50
Strategic Intervention, business coaching, life coaching, relationship coaching
Certified Life Coach, Certified Master Life Coach, Strategic Interventionist Coach
Shawn currently runs his coaching practice, The Ollin Group of Coaches, along with his wife, Keli. After having been a coach in various guisesfrom the time he was young, Shawn was able to realize a life-long dream of running a full-time martial arts academy alongside Keli. Together, the couple ran various training and personal development programs through the academy, as well as a raw foods restaurant and year-long instructor college. Shawn has also had thehonour and privilege of learningfrom some of the world's top personal development coaches, including Steve G. Jones, Dr. Joe Vitale, Anthony Robbins and others. This, combined with his own experience ofsuccess and failure has contributed immensely tothe amazing coaching practice the couple sharetoday. Shawnspecializes in helping peoplecreate life balance, improve their relationships with friends, family and clients, overcome problem areas such as procrastination and anxiety, and significantly increase their income thereby reaching the next level in business and life. Shawn continues to pursue his other passions in life including his beautiful family, art and writing, Muay Thai and MMA, spending time in nature and meditation/mindfulness practice. We are all here for a reason, and Shawn's is helping people discover what that is while creating transformation in their professional and personal lives.
I smashed a goal I had been stuck on for over a decade by the third session! My goal seemed totally unattainable prior to working with Melissa. She has the natural ability to zero in and see past the BS story that’s holding you back and support you in reaching your goals. She pushed me through fears I’ve had for years that kept me spinning in circles never making a breakthrough - So grateful for Melissa in my life!"