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Calls: $50
Working with Millennials & Working with couples.
Certified Life Coach
I am a coach. I have been a coach for as long as I can remember. Not a coach in the traditional sense (although I am proud to write that I did coach my daughters U10 soccer team to the championship game a couple of years back:) but someone who guides others towards fulfillment, balance, and their own personal greatness. I have formalized this life-long passion, by becoming a Certified Life Coach who effectively assists Millennials in their path towards achieving meaningful goals. The process of helping others to identify purpose, create goals, and make relevant progress is, perhaps, the most meaningful work of which I have been a part. I am a Millennial (although on the elderly side of the Millennial spectrum) having been born in the fantastic year of the Monkey (1980). I have tread the path of life that most Millennials are just beginning with career (12 years of experience), marriage (on my second), and children (four of my own and one fantastic step daughter). I love life and want to help other Millennials love it as well. I am the lucky husband of Tamara Louise Storm (who I love incredibly and deeply) and the proud father of five awesome children. I sincerely enjoy the process of growing up with these six wonderful individuals. Tamie and I are continually learning and growing as parents, adults, and community members. Our five children are actively learning about morality, work, and serving each other. I love my family.