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Calls: $50
I am almost 40 and have worked hard in my life to have to establish a successful career. Working with Samantha allowed me to realize that there was a side of life that I was yet to explore-my passions. Through our sessions, I was able to identify what my passions really are and how to go after them. I learned that although I live a gratifying lifestyle, I am not necessarily fulfilling my passions and getting the most out of life. I plan to use what I learned to make myself happy and my life even more rewarding.
Calls: $50
"I want you to know... your work has seriously changed my daughter's life."
― Joanna H.
Calls: $50
My Life Coaching expertise involves the following: Personal/Relationship Enhancement Coaching, Interpersonal/Cognitive Behavioral Coaching, Trauma Recovery Coaching, Intuitive Spiritual Coaching, Motivational Coaching, Personal Development Coaching
Certified Professional Coach, Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker
It is and has been my life's passion and purpose to both assist and to be of service to all in need throughout the globe the last 20+ years. If you are seeking a highly authentic, compassionate, motivating and affirming seasoned Life/Spiritual/Relationship Coach/Mentor it would be an honor and privilege to assist you in the near future! I am available to message throughout any given day of your 7-day Live Coach trial period!! I will happily and respectfully respond back to each message as soon as I am able on any given day i.e. often within a 30 minute time period. I am also available for future "Live Coaching" Phone Sessions should I have the honor and privilege to serve you as your specified Coach! Wishing you all of my very very best going forth, Barb Peterson CPC, LICSW