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Calls: $50
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Integrative Nutrition Heath Coach Theta Healer Bioneuroemotion Companion Biomagnetic Healer
I am a HOLISTIC HEALTH COACH, meaning I work with ALL the areas in yourself that are unbalanced to bring them into harmony so that you feel HEALTHY AND HAPPY. Many times our problems are not only nutritional, but they have to do with our own emotions or with inherited ones...other times it could be an imbalance in our magnetic fields, stress in any area of our lives....hidden emotions that block the natural flow of our energies.... problems with relationships or not finding ease in our path could be solved by changing patterns or by overlooking the situation from a completely different point of view, decision taking and mind awareness can be fueled with heart introspection..... Getting balanced and in harmony is one of the best gifts we can give ourselves and the only way to enjoy life at its best! Let`s work together, join me in the path of HEALTH! Being a Coach helps me work with you as a team.....always having someone by your side at every step makes the way easier and more enjoyable. I`m here for you!
Calls: $95
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach