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Calls: $25
Dezi gives a calming and safe place to be able to express yourself without judgement. This does not mean that she does not tell you as it is. It means there is respect for opinions and offering a different perspective on viewing things. Since I am relatively new to this aspect of my life. I really as of yet do not know if there is anything new I would like, I think once I have experienced all that is offered now and see new paths open to me, I know if there isn't a service she does not offer.
― E. Gonzalez, Las Cruces, NM
Calls: $60
Mindfulness Coaching, Communication Coaching, Life Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Executive Coaching, Personal Coaching, Stress Reduction Coaching, Personal Coaching
- Ph.D. in Human Science (Saybrook University, San Francisco, CA) - Master of Arts in Clinical Holistic Health Education with a specialization in Counseling (John F. Kennedy University, Pleasant Hill, CA) - Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Teacher Training (Center for Mindfulness at the University of Massachussetts)
I have extensive international experience as a Life and Executive Coach. I am multilingual (English, Spanish, French), and hold a Masters Degree in Holistic Health Education and Counseling and a Ph.D. in Human Science. My coaching and teaching philosophy is rooted in the belief that the power to live up to our full potential, comes from understanding deeply how we shape individually and collectively our reality, and then from aligning our insights with wise and compassionate action. My main goal as a coach is to help my clients pursue their lives and goals with greater clarity, purpose and joy.
Calls: $50
Integrative Life Coaching, Healing your Heart Coach, Spiritual Life Coach, Mindfulness Meditation Coach, and Holy Fire Reiki Master
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Arts (Acting, Directing, Dance) Certified Integrative Coach Professional (Breakthrough Shadow Coaching & Healing your Heart Coaching) Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer Holy Fire Reiki Master Practitioner
My mission is to guide awakening angels like you to surrender your limiting convictions that create the illusion of bad luck and failure, raise your awareness of Divine Guidance that is accessible for you in every moment, and tap into your innate right to be a happy, healthy, wealthy, wise warrior for love in your life. My clients awaken to their life's purpose and transform into their highest vision of themselves. They are and continue to become spiritual entrepreneurs, artists, activists, authors, healers, performers, speakers, teachers and all forms of earth angels. It is time to wake up to the truth of who you are and why you are here on the planet. The way I see it, the Universe has conspired to bring us together in this moment so I may be of service to you....and I'm on Universal payroll as a top change angel. -Wendy Spurgeon, Certified Integrative Coach Professional, Holy Fire Reiki Master, Transformation Director of Silver City United Church of Christ Integrative Coaching is a psycho/spiritual form of life coaching based Jungian Shadow Process Work, and refined by the late Debbie Ford and the Ford Institute for Transformational Training.
Calls: $70
Marriage and Relationship development, Relational trauma, Personal development, Professional development, identifying and changing negative habitual loops
MS in psychology MBA in training and development PPDS- personal and professional development specialist Who's who in America Author
How do you feel when you wake up in the morning? Can you imagine what it would be like to not feel that way anymore? Are you sick and tired of your own Learned Helplessness and Blind Spots? Are you ready to discover what is blocking you from the next level? With over 20 years experience in the field, Brad is able to guide people through lifes barriers in a way that promotes sustainable personal transformation and ultimately enables them to bypass the pain that many individuals experience on a repetitive basis. Break the ceiling of your own perceptions with Sustainable Life Style Change, Communication & Relationship Transformation, and Habit Reprogramming.