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Thank you so much for all of the information you've provided over the last few weeks. You've helped me far beyond just the issues I'm dealing with at work. I feel energized again about all of the aspects of my life. You have been a blessing to me. I hope the good karma comes back to you 3 fold.
― Tricia
Calls: $55
"I loved the holistic approach! It's the only way I could be interested in something as "boring" as finances. Cait was warm, engaging, enlightening, and supportive of my unorthodox financial planning. Will definitely recommend this service to friends!" How satisfied were you with our service (out of 5): 5 How likely are you to recommend us to a friend (out of 5): 5
― Allison Richards
Calls: $50
Spiritual Coaching for Skeptics -- I especially help busy women learn to feel their feeling instead of being stuck in their heads all the time
Core Coach Certified - CTA
From the outside, your life probably looks pretty together. Your boss values your work. You cross items off your to-do list daily. You go to the gym. You floss. Even your dog thinks youre awesome. But on the inside, something isnt right. Ever feel like youre swimming upstream, always exhausted but still not getting where you thought youd be? Or, worse youre out to sea just bobbing. Treading water. You got all the way out here and now what? Your instagram feed is full of folks whove found their purpose, while youre over wondering if you missed that lesson. Maybe another listicle will help. Do you have a secret (crazy wild) dream for your career, but something (your mortgage) keeps stopping you from taking a leap? You desperately need more time to yourself, but you just cant seem to say No. You love your partner, but youre stuck on this argument merry-go-round and you cant seem to get off. WHAT IF YOU COULD STOP SECOND-GUESSING YOURSELF, AND JUST MOVE FORWARD? What if you could tap a domino to bring your breathtaking ambition to life? You just get to watch while the whole thing plays out like magic. Coaching is your secret weapon to slice through the smoke screens and stories about why you cant, and instead unleashes your dormant, bad-ass Lets do this. This is not just Point A to Point B. Were heading from Point Here to Point Awesome through a sacred relationship built on intention, curiosity, and accountability. Thats coaching. Your bullshit distractions just fall away. Old sabotaging habits melt. Lets rewrite that tired story about how its not practical or responsible or possible. Lets leave the crutch of doubt behind. Lets meet the rockstar you were born to be.
Calls: $50
Hi Everyone, I am a Certified Life Coach. I am rated in the top 25? of Life Coaches by Linkedin Coaching Professionals. I work with together with you to develop your personal step by step plan to help you to achieve your goals. Keep in mind you can make change happen but you to get the process started. Contact me today to get the process started. Thank You!
World Coaching Institute- Honors Graduate PTBI-Divinity School Bachelors Degree-Candidate District of Maryland Conflict/Dispute Mediator
Certified Life Coach WCI- Coaching Certifiation Top ? Rated Life Coach by Linkedin Business Professionals