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Calls: $50
Healthcare and weight loss
I'm certified in pharmacy, NLP coaching and practitioner, mindfulness and Hypnotherapy. I use my healthcare background with the latter methods to improve people's health by getting to the root cause of their condition.
I've always been intrigued to how some people recover from debilitating and irreversible health conditions and others that have reversible conditions aren't as fortunate. Going through my own health recovery journey, I realized the answer to this intriguing question. Now, I believe with every fiber of my being that we all have the resources to improve our health, body and mind. We just need the tools and concepts to put us on the right path. Just like a magician that intrigues us with a disappearing act and we think we can never do that. But once we learn how the trick is done, we feel empowered to do it ourselves. I'm no magician, but I know the tricks to get you to your goals fast and to last a lifetime.