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Calls: $100
I don't know why I waited so long to do this? I can't remember feeling this happy
― Martin
Calls: $75
If you want to meet some persibal goals or need help in formulating them, but have a hard time opening up, Coach Nancy is the coach for you! I met Coach Nancy in our last semester of college, she had told me her plans of becoming a life coach. After becoming more acquainted with her I asked her to help me with the next phase of life. Life after school. I gave her my ideas and she helped me formulate a plan to execute my goals. I'm naturally a fidgety person, and she realized that. So, after the first 2 meetings she mentioned candle making to me and asked if it would be okay if we made candles during our sessions so that our conversations would flow better. I agreed and our sessions were more effective and I got the chance to learn a new hobby.
― Vicki A.
Calls: $50
Life Coach, Entrepreneur, Organizer, social media, techno phobia, financial coaching
Certified Life Coach, Financial Counselor, Consumer Credit Counselor, Management Information Specialist
Jamilah is an experienced Business Coach, Life Coach, Workshop Facilitator, and Radio Host. Having worked in many diverse companies, she brings extensive cultural intelligence to her clients. Jamilah travels throughout the region for speaking engagements, conferences, appearances panels and keynote opportunities. Jamilah's background expands over 18 years in the Technology, Financial development and Entertainment industries. During her 10 tenure, at My Biz Consulting with Big 4 technology and non-profits she managed training and people development for over 1500 employees. Dynamic Workshop leader As a professional speaker and facilitator, Jamilah is a high energy, dynamic workshop leader. She combines five learning methodologies to support the learning experience. Workshops are substantial in terms of practical, relevant content and memorable with high priority given too interactive, engaging activities.
Performance Habits, Weight Loss, Mindfulness, Anxiety, Business Coaching
ICF Certification Board Certified Coach by the CCE Hypnosis NLP Conversational Hypnosis
Calls: $1000
I am a master coach graduated from the Latin American Coaching Society and certified by Richard Bendler in neurolinguistic programming
Choosing a good coach who truly dominates every deep aspect of the human mind is decisive in the timing of your results. Learn through coaching how to be master of your mind and project the future you want. Visit my page on instagram @gerando.mestres