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Great coaching is great coaching, I work in the area of Purpose, Trust and Self Worth. However, the client brings the issue, it is not the coaches agenda.
I have enough certifications to wallpaper a small room. Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Rebirther Instructor, Certified Meditation Teacher, Certified Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator., and several more. What really counts is experience and solid fundamentals of coaching that get results, change lives and help people move onto the lives they were meant to live.
I am one of the Master Coaches at The ManKind Project. I have worked with people from around the world via Skype. My gifts and talents, years of learning and searching have brought me to doing what I love to do and that is coach. I have worked with Veterans, victims of abuse, extreme emotional wounding and near zero self worth. My clients have made life changes that continue today because they have the tools to make choices, keep a healthy mindset and are always welcome back when they get stuck or an issue is too daunting. I truly love working with others that are ready to do the work and change their lives.