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Career, relationships, confidence, FEARS, BLOCKS or LIMITS - transforming them so they no longer block you, but support you
ICF credential from Erickson College International, Anthony Robbins, NLP, Fear Transformation Mastery
I lived in many foreign counties. Apart from education and work experience I developed my social horizon and started to focus more on personal psychology and interpersonal relationships. I got to know new people of different natures and cultures. Just their difference was my impulse to better understanding and appreciation viewing the world from different angle. The interest in others led me to coaching. My innate optimism and belief in people is a great motivation. To encourage others so they can see the best in them became the fuel of my life. I will show you that it is not difficult to move forward. Just carefully listen to your soul to be able to recognise the moment for needed change. I believe that success, coaching experience (I have over 400 hours coached) is a journey, on which I am constantly learning. I am interested mainly in the areas of life coaching, such as personal motivation, interpersonal relationships; and career coaching, i.e. what makes us make our decisions.