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Calls: $40
This amazing woman has gathered so many lessons from her own life that have made her such an enlightened beautiful person and made them into an easy to understand and use philosophy that can help anyone in their relationships and life. Highly recommend to anyone.
Calls: $50
Finding your purpose, men's development, self-discovery, self-mastery, self-awareness, self-empowerment, living the life you desire, creating the life you desire, achieving goals, magnifying your success, magnifying your influence, magnifying your wealth, inspiring people to thrive and not just survive.
Qualified Success Mentor at The Successful Male.
I am a Success Mentor at The Successful Male. I assist men to excel and achieve success in all areas of their life. I pin-point and help to break down any mental barriers that may be present so that they can achieve all of their goals and live extraordinary lives. Our mission is to develop ONE MILLION men around the globe into better versions of themselves, more purposeful, more confident, more motivated, more decisive, more financially savvy, better connected, high-charactered leaders and role models for their families, communities, industries and nations. I am committed and passionate about guiding others on their journey of self-discovery, self-awareness, self-empowerment and self-mastery.
Calls: $50
Thank you for your time! It was great to talk to someone who truly understood what I was going through. It was very easy to be open and honest with you because it was clear to me you knew exactly what I was feeling.
― Patricia C.
Calls: $38
Innovation, reworking complex problems, changing behaviour to change outcomes, mindfulness, problem solving, communication coaching, conflict resolution.
BA Psych (Hons)
Lovely to meet you, I'm Lauren. I have been somewhat of a 'jack of all trades' throughout my career, and, through this, have a unique pattern of experience and knowledge that will be hard to find elsewhere. I am trained in psychology and use my knowledge of human behaviour in every area of my life and work. I have had experience running private and group sessions and have helped many through challenging and rewarding times. I'll be happy to work with you, whether you are seeking advice on how to solve a problem in your life, or if you need to chat things through with someone who understands.
Calls: $100
As long as I’ve known Maxwell, he is personable and easy to relate to as a person. He educated me about best practices, resume writings and strategies for personal development as an international student trying to adapt to the local culture. He constantly followed up on my progress and was very concern with my personal development. I am confident that Maxwell will continue to be very productive. He has my highest recommendation.
― Michelle Ng
Calls: $50
Business - small business coaching, personal coaching, lifestyle creation and developing personal capability.
As an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF), Gaye is recognised as a professional who has met stringent education and experience requirements, and has demonstrated mastery of the coaching competencies. Also, as a Professional Certified mBIT Coach, Gaye uses multiple brain integration techniques to help her clients achieve alignment mBIT-coach-logoin what they think, how they feel, and when they act. Based on neuroscience research that has shown we have three brains, and how to harness theses intelligences of our multiple brains through a process of multiple Brain Integration Techniques, collectively known as mBIT. Gaye provides mentoring to other coaches who are applying for renewing their ICF ACC credential, is a Registered ICF Mentor Coach, and a ReciproCoach Recommended ACC Mentor. As a member of the International Coach Federation, Gaye serves as the Treasurer for the local Queensland branch.
Gaye partners with super-busy, over-stressed, women in business, to speed up success and create a blissful lifestyle, even in the face of daily chaos. Through coaching she helps them build business success and develop personal capability. As a professional coach and lifestyle balance expert, Gaye Kuelsen has seen how the numerous demands of modern living have negatively impacted on our lives. Gaye believes that no one needs coaching. However, if a person wants to change their work or personal life to have a greater sense of purpose and fulfilment, then coaching will deliver these outcomes for them. With extensive experience in business administration in the finance, insurance and medical industries, and over a decade in the government sector, Gaye brings her lived experience to her coaching. Gayes perspective on coaching is that it is a fun, positive and life changing experience. Her coaching sessions are a mix of self-reflection, inspired action with a hint of humour that stretch and challenge her clients so they gain the best results. Unlike other professional coaches, Gaye brings together the powerful combination of building business success and developing personal capability. She shows you exactly how to discover what is important to you and how to make it your priority. If you wish to create your blissful lifestyle, even in the face of daily chaos, then connect with Gaye.
Calls: $50
I’ve known (and respected) Mike for over thirty years, from when he was employed on the executive team at the Herbert River Canegrowers and I was that organisation’s local insurance manager. Eventually we both moved to Cairns and I’d bump into Mike occasionally at business or community functions but more often than not I’d read about Mike in the papers in his role as the regional general manager for the Royal Flying Doctor Service. In that capacity Mike not only brought a greater community focus on the RFDS but in my view, he contributed so much to that organisation’s development and service initiatives throughout Far North Queensland. I keep telling him that he needs to write that book! By coincidence, all these years later, Mike and I live in the same beautiful part of Far North Queensland in Redlynch Valley. Saturday morning will often see us having a chat over my front garden fence as Mike helpfully (and with great tact) will point out a weed or two that I have missed! A life coach should be a good listener and Mike is great at that. A life coach should, I think, allow you to look at yourself, where you’re going in life and maybe some options on how to get there. And like the best coaches in sport or business, it’s left up to you to make those choices, with Mike at your side if that’s what you need. Mike quietly weaves in life circumstances and shared experiences as naturally as drinking a glass of water. I sometimes think I’m getting free support over our weekend garden chats. There’s more than just weeds in the garden that he’s helped me to eradicate. John Devaney Redlynch Valley June 2017