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Calls: $50
Forming healthy relationships, new careers, children and young adults and learning self esteem and self love
Transformational Life Coach- Southwest Institute of healing arts
I became a life coach through an amazing healing arts school in Arizona. I love people and I want to help you become your best self, the person I know you are so destined to be. If you are looking for a neutral person to support and encourage you to reach for the moon and have a life of success and happiness, I am the coach for you.
Calls: $97
Expert in Life Choices & Decision Making
- Are you stuck in a place you just can't escape from? - Do you agonize over trying to make the right decisions? - Is your life a complete mess and youre only making it worse? - Have you searched for answers only to find what you already know? Yes, then I very well may be the coach you've been seeking. You may be finding it very difficult to make decisions under the stress you've put yourself in, and find that you're just making things worse by continuing to make decisions, or making things far-worse because youre stuck in the agony of indecision which is spinning you in circles making you feel like you've completely lost control over your life. You can't get out of the place you're in with the same level of thinking that put you there. I would recommend that you do not make anymore decisions until you run them by me in order to avoid digging yourself in any deeper than you already are. You'll find it very difficult if not impossible to find another coach that can take you from where you currently are to where you need to be as quickly as I can. I can say this with certainty because my results and approach are much different than that of your traditional coach who's looking to be your therapist over a long period of time, using tactics and common sense principles you most likely already know and have not worked so far. Did you know that psychotherapy only has a 10% success rate after 600 sessions? Do you have that kind of time or do you want results now? I'm not the coach that's going to help you to overcome yourself or some childhood tragedy that you believe is the culprit for all the mistakes you've made and continue to make in life. Neither you, me or anyone else can change you or fix you. Whether you want to accept it or not, you were born you and anything that had an impact on your life is most likely set in stone by now, so we won't be wasting any time trying to fix you or uncover why you are the way you are. You need an impact in your trajectory, not therapy! You need answers, not advice! I get you there by working with what you have and who you are, and there's no life situation large enough that I've come across that I can't help guide you out of, the bigger the better. I'm going to be your guide out of the mess you're in by simply making your decisions for you based on knowing where you are and where you want to go; to get you from point A to point B the fastest way humanly possible. I look at the whole of your current situation and tell you exactly how to overcome each of the challenges you're faced with without you having to let go of things that may have more value in your life than you realize. I only take on a limited amount of clients as I'm also an entrepreneur running multiple businesses on top of a very full life, so you must apply to work with me and then I'll decide if your challenges are great enough worthwhile of expertise and my time. If I chose to coach you, we will do an assessment of your situation over the phone and discuss exactly what you're looking to accomplish. I'll then provide you with the answers you need to overcome each challenge you're faced with, as well as explain the what, why and how so you cognitively understand these decisions I've made for you with 100% certainty and assurance. I will also breakdown the decisions in writing so you have a full understanding in black and white of everything we went over together to have with you at all times. I look forward to hearing your challenges! Sincerely Mox Galaxy real results can only come from real truth. ~ M.G. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Copyright 2017 Mox Galaxy