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Calls: $125
"I don't know where we'd be without Jeeva and Sulojana's ministry. My husband and I had become like roommates in a marriage focused outside our home, on our careers. Loneliness, rejection and resentment had built up a firm wall between us and our well-intentioned attempts to make it work seemed increasingly feeble and forced. Our hearts had grown hard. In that vulnerable state, I developed feelings for a co-worker. We felt hopeless, and we both considered we had made a mistake in our choice of partner. Now what? We turned to Jeeva and Sulojana for help and are so glad that we did. Jeeva and Sulojana provided effective, non-judgemental support at this critical time in our marriage. Their methods are solid. After an initial assessment which was spot-on, they focused on spiritual care and actually helped us to soften our hearts toward one another. When we had come to a place of healing, they trained us on more practical ways to make our marriage work. They made themselves available to us when we needed it, and were generous with prayer. They kept their promise to take us from "breakdown to breakthrough", and we are so grateful for their ministry to us. Thank you, Jeeva and Sulojana!"
― A very satisfied couple
Calls: $50
Coach U Core Essentials Graduate 2016 Certification, Emotional Intelligence, International Certificate Paul Ekman Evaluating Truthfulness and Credibility Emotional Skills and Competencies Certificate in Convention and Meeting Management
I am passionate about people who desire healthy and sustainable relationships. My discovery of authentic joy in working with people led me to develop The Amazing Company, with insight gleaned from extensive research into human behavior, I consistently provides transcendent interpersonal experiences. Identifying the needs of each person readily sets them at ease with my abundant enthusiasm and winning smile. My values are Peace, Love, Heart and Joy. My core belief is, Leadership originates and ends at home. Coaching men and woman in valuing, not only themselves as individuals, but also their spouses, children, extended family and friends. Recognizing how you lead your family will set the standard of how you take the lead in the world. Evelyn has developed a Building Healthy Relationship program for people who wish to understand what a healthy relationship is and what it is not. Evelyn holds the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) designation from the International Coach Federation. Her volunteerism has been acknowledged with awards from the Hon. Rob Nicholson MP and Wayne Gates MPP. At the municipal level, she received the Good Citizen Award. Evelyn was invited to co-author "The Change 12" in The Change Book Series, with two incredible powerhouses in the personal development industry, Jim Britt and Jim Lutes, along with nineteen other extraordinary personal development experts from around the world. Derny Dohrmann, founder of CEO Space, also delivers an exceptional foreword. Look for Evelyns chapter entitled Learning to Love from the Inside. Leadership begins and ends at home; be a leader in your home to set the standard of how you will lead in the world. I will guide you step by step in the growing process of developing and sustaining personal and interpersonal skills for healthy relationships. As with anything new skill the willingness to embrace and practices these new skills is totally upon the student. YOU! Please enjoy the journey in learning to acquire the confidence with assertiveness to transform your personal relationships. I thank you for taking the time and I look forward to sharing, learning, and exploring with you. Just click on the first video to begin your leaning expedition.