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Life Coach Hamid Baghaie - Bangkok, Thailand

Hamid Baghaie

Bangkok  ·  Thailand
Personal  ·  Health  ·  Relationships  ·  Family  ·  Romantic  ·  Career  ·  Business  ·  Finance  ·  Communication  ·  Academic  ·  Spiritual  ·  Stress
Calls: $44
Hamid is a magical Divine Masculine, his Wisdom is second to no other. If you are led to him he will gently guide you to face your shadows and transcend them into light. He showed me the door to my soul and my half lit embers caught fire. I am so honoured that we crossed paths, he changed my life, no longer weak, he gave me the tools to live the rest of my life with a powerful purpose. I am forever grateful to him for showing me my Truth.
― Peggy F
Calls: $50
Health Fitness and Wellness Coach
Bachelor Degree Electrical and Electronic Engineering Post Graduate Degree Athletics Coach Mastery Life University RRI Research Superfood Nutrition Coach Yoga and Meditation Instructor Scuba Diving Instructor Windsurfing Instructor NLP Life Coach Bootcamp Instructor Body Functional Xfit Coach
With over 25 years experience and passion as a corporate and personal Wellness Program Consultant, Peak Performance Coach, Athletics Coach, Bootcamp Instructor, Expedition Leader, Superfood & Detox consultant a passionate Yoga Instructor and Meditation practitioner Ron has created the Ultimate compendium of health programs. Having studied worked and lived in many countries as a coach and consultant in Oil & Gas he also knows the stress, pressures and time limitations typical of CEOs and business owners with a hectic demanding corporate lifestyle. His programs offer a range of quick and effective tools, techniques and training routines you can easily apply and integrate in your current lifestyle and continue to pratice to become and enjoy a much happier and healthier You! All programs include a detailed analysis and breakdown of your Daily lifestyle, Nutrition, Movement & Exercise, Mind focus and Habits, then creating your own best program for you, replacing all limiting and non serving habits with ones that serve you best: literally bring out the best version of You? A way of living that quickly gets your Body, Mind and Soul in a Natural Balanced Flow State It just feels really good and you have total control how you create your life AND enjoy living and sharing the process! A man on a mission with a huge passion and burning desire to serve, create and share lasting joy,You will also have the opportunity to Go the extra Mile and make a real and genuine active altruistic contribution to a good cause; An integral part of all his programs and activities.