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Calls: $100
A while ago I found myself lost and lacking direction. I was struggling to understand and visualise what I wanted to achieve and outline my goals. I had researched self-help books and online blogs but was finding it challenging knowing exactly how to use the theories in my own circumstances. So I got in contact with Simon and he really helped me ask myself the right questions. Changing my habits and adopting daily practices that have helped move forward in work and life. I look forward to continuing the coaching with Simon using his theories and practices to keep improving myself.
― Steven Azencot - Business Owner
Calls: $30
From the beginning, it was apparent that Chris had a lot more knowledge of what was going on that even I was seeing. Things that seemed to be obvious but were clouded by years of inner conflict and trying to fight for what seemed to be a purpose. He absolutely helped to lift the veil and bring clarity to what I was feeling and also why. I feel a new zest for life and am back out there as the controller of my life.
― Matthew R.
Jimmy Deer is a great coach and a beautiful human being. I was described as having an invisibility button that I would use to avoid standing out because I was afraid of being vulnerable, of making mistakes, looking dumb, and worst of all, feeling like I had nothing to contribute. The invisibility button was great because it protected me from failure and from getting hurt, but it also kept me feeling lonely and insignificant. I benefited from Jimmy's coaching in that it helped me see how limited I was being when using my invisibility button. Jimmy taught me that life is always about taking risks and being vulnerable because only when one is vulnerable can there be honest exchange of communication and understanding. Shortly after, I met my husband and we have remained married for 10 wonderful years now.
― Claudia T.
Calls: $40
― sandra s.
Calls: $50
Professional and Career Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Career Transitions, Business Coaching
Advanced Coaching certification from the Columbia University Fully trained and certified Co-Active Coach (Coaches Training Institute, CTI) CTI Leader-in Training Member of the International Coaching Federation with over 200 hours coaching experience. Accredited in Emotional and Social Competencies Inventory (ESCI) Trained in Lifestyle Stress Assessment (Biometric, FirstBeat)
Coaching with me is all about YOU! I support you in fully (re)claiming your power and being your best self in all areas of your life. This may be at work, home, and through life and career transitions. What I offer you... Whatever your situation I will support you with compassion, and be an honest sounding board and mirror that enables you to move on with purpose and power in whatever you wish. I ask tough questions while supporting you to find the answers within yourself. Together we co-create a path you're excited to follow built on your strengths and passions. If you're stuck we work together to unstick you and open up your path so you can move on. If you're committed to creating a life you love and cutting through the things that hold you back I'd love to work with you!
Calls: $50
My sessions with Mark have been challenging but so valuable. Mark has the ability to ask just the right questions and to sit with you through difficult moments, whilst instilling you with the faith that you do know the answers, even if you’re not sure where they are just yet. Unexpectedly, the biggest value in my sessions with Mark are not so much working toward my original goals, but rather readdressing them, and setting goals that are genuinely for me. My sessions with Mark have helped me to create clearer boundaries whilst letting go a little more and trusting that things will come with some time and patience, bringing me much greater serenity and calm.
― Anonymous
Calls: $200
"Anna’s depth of knowledge about the realities of building and sustaining a profitable business is invaluable as the practical context for her effective brand of professional coaching. Anna’s keen listening and insightful questions allowed me to discover the specific actions I could take to achieve my goals. I recommend Anna to all business professionals who have an interest in elevating their performance.”
Calls: $39
Through the sessions Scott has provided, he has given me guidance and allowed me to find the answers in myself. He has given me insights that I never thought of and made me look at the other side of the coin but like I discovered it. He’s natural, kind and caring and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to others.
Calls: $35
For me, the coaching sessions have been invaluable. In a nutshell, I booked the sessions with the objectives of increasing my confidence in general, having confidence in my capabilities at work and working out where my career path should lead, or not lead as the case may be. Only 4 months on and I am much more confident in myself, I have learnt how to see myself through ‘honest’ glasses, I am equipped with ‘tools’ to keep my confidence high and to stay in control of my own destiny. And I have also secured a promotion.
― Ross G.
Calls: $50
Seanitta’s approach to coaching is like no other, you can’t help but feel better with her fun energetic approach to coaching. Seanitta helped me find the answers I already had by getting me to dig down deep. This woman gets the job done right.
― Phil C.
Calls: $40
Confidence Life Direction Problem solving Spirituality Meditation and mindfulness Motivation Health and fitness
I have trained in life coaching, person centred counselling, hypnotherapy, mindfulness and NLP, my ongoing studies are in fields such as EFT, Aromatherapy and spirituality. I am also a fitness instructor with over 15 years in the industry.
I can work via Skype, phone and Email. I will ask clients to do some homework from time to time and usually provid some recordings to engage the client in between sessions.
Self awareness Effective relationships Strengths and skills Managing emotions Personal and professional development Leadership development Creativity and innovation Change management Customer service
Certifications ICF Verified
Ph.D. - Chemistry Bachelor's - Chemistry Masters Certificate - Executive Coaching and Mentoring (Institute of Leadership and Management, ILM)
I have a personal commitment to life-long education and to helping others on their learning journey. As a coach I enjoy being a catalyst for thinking, and creating both time and space for others in which their thinking can develop. I build my coaching practice on trust, support, challenge and change and see myself as an enabler of development from within both on the personal and organisational level. My intuitive approach is one that encourages reflection on views and opinions that might either represent a limiting behaviour, or be the basis of a way forward for the future. I particularly want to work with you if you are at a steep point in your learning curve. The pace of change is high but you are at the point where looking back has become more attractive that slogging uphill. Something is stopping or slowing your forward momentum and you don't know what. You might be feeling this as you approach a major transition - from education into work, early to mid career development, mid to senior transition, work to retirement, or simply if your circumstances are changing faster than you feel you are able to manage. My way of working is to give you a moment in time when you can take pause, think clearly and without judgement, and look at the situation from all sorts of new angles, viewing new perspectives and becoming excited and interested in finding new ways forward. You will Think with Hinks! As a result you will find new ways of making things happen!
Calls: $50
I found the sessions,invaluable and informative,which helped create a positive outlook,at where I am to where I want to be.The sessions,helped in pointing to alternative measures of meeting challenges,and overcoming barriers. We built a trustful relationship,and a safe enviornment,where I was able to explore insights,and develop new skills. Janet,was able to engage me with pertinent powerful questions,which aided new ways of thinking and being. The sessions were structured,where main goals were established before the main body of the session began. My progress was monitored well.
― D.Tomilnson
Calls: $80
And it happens to all of us. As it happened with me. And I got told, “You’ve lost your MOJO”. After having signed up for my much awaited MBA program and with just days to go, I suddenly experienced this inexplicable anxiety, a kind of fear psychosis gripped me making me want to run for the hills. In my life, I am blessed with a fair sprinkle of ‘fairy godmothers’ and this time she materialized in the form of Amisha, who fully armed with her NLP techniques set about weaving her magic. And so it happened to be, Amisha through just a few Skype sessions which included visualization exercises, a lot of questioning and reasoning and voicing out my apprehensions, put the beastly fear to rest, pacified the monsters creating the noise in my head and packed them away to a nice long vacation. The result is for all to see. My mental health as well as my physical health is at peak. I AM confidence! As I AM success! At the presentations I gave during my MBA class, I got told, “You exude Power”! I haven’t felt better in a long time! And oh yea, I got my ‘MOJO’ back!!! Thank you my PowerBabe! And for all of you who need to get your ‘MOJO’ back, I’d suggest you ‘Plug in’!
― Deepa A
Calls: $125
International Business & Executive Lifestyle Coach/Mentor with Legacy Mindset
2004 - UK College of Life Coaching: Life Coaching Diploma Marketing Diploma 2005 - " " " Mentoring Diploma 2006 - Coaching & Mentoring International: Supervision Diploma
Susie Briscoe Founding Chair; Acer Coaching Associates International Business Lifestyle Coach & Mentor; Master Leadership with Legacy Mentor Co-author of 4 #1 International Best Selling books: Your Creative Thoughts, Ready, Aim, Thrive!, My Big Idea, and Are you the Missing Piece; Life Sparks reached #9 on Amazons Best Selling List and Female Entrepreneurs IAPLC book reached bestselling status December 28th 2017! Helping Business Leaders find Rainbows within their Lives Susie Briscoe founded Acer Coaching Associates (ACA) in 2004, after graduating as a fully accredited Coach, Mentor and Supervisor with Coaching & Mentoring International (formerly The UK College of Life Coaching), and meticulously maintains her own CPD to remain at the cutting edge of current best practice. Headhunted by the Nightingale-Conant Corporation in 2008 to become their freelance Master Coach outside the US, Susie runs her International business whilst remaining an active Board member of: Retired Trustee: The Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, Patron: Church Housing Trust and the charity she founded: Acer Foundation for Global Education & Welfare. An enthusiastic Corporate and Executive motivator, Susie is fervent about facilitating the developmental growth of clients and colleagues. Susie brings a wealth of life and business experience to her Client relationships: from her 40+ years in increasingly senior roles within the Corporate, Educational, Health and Charity environment, (as well as working at Senior Director levels across a business spectrum that covers industry, commerce, academia, professional bodies and government institutions both at National and International levels) she is well used to appraising, managing people and projects, coaching/mentoring/supervising to enhance performance, implementing new programmes and facilitating learning. She believes actions bring results: By enabling natural talent and ability, we are able to produce outstanding results; focus, drive and enthusiasm, once released, allow us to achieve our full potential, enriching our lives and enhancing our businesses and careers. Her coaching style has been described as intuitive, empathetic, and compassionate as well as motivating. Susie has a passion for people and for making a difference by offering a supportive environment for clients. She is a strategic and lateral thinker, with proven coaching, organisational and interpersonal skills, as well as excellent leadership, team and management experience. Since implementing her own Leadership with Legacy ideas, Susie has joyfully declared her intention of Finding the rainbows in all those business suits. Nothing is more pleasing than to hear the delight in clients voices as they too discover their own passions. Known by some as the Conscious Breakthrough and Transitional Mentor, this all comes together with her dynamic approach to working with her clients all around the world.
Calls: $50
"Aldous challenged me to develop new ways of thinking and helped me take action in some critical decisions in my career. He is an excellent coach to me"
― Alain D
Calls: $57
"I was going through a tough period in my late 20's where I was just stressed and overwhelmed in most aspects in my life. I ended up calling Kiefer as I knew he was known for keeping it cool under stressful situations and I wanted to know how to do that for myself. I felt Kiefer gave me a really good outlook on what was happening to me at that time. He helped me realise that my situation is just a temporary experience and that my life wouldn't always be like this. By holding such a safe space for me and asking me appropriate questions in my situation, I learned new ways to handle stress whilst being under pressure. A couple of months after my session with Kiefer, my life has changed significantly. I've been travelling a lot, I've released my album and I'm really happy with my new job. Having Kiefer as a Coach really changed my pattern of thinking and has made me more adaptable in being under pressure. "
― Austeja S.
You bring clarity, humanity, and an ability to navigate directly to the heart of the matter. You have an incredible level of integrity and are not afraid to speak your truth, even when it feels like it would go against the grain of what is expected. This gives me a huge level of trust in the work you facilitate. I felt very held and safe. I had complete trust in your facilitation, and the way you helped me to navigate the memories and emotions that were revealed in the process. Having watched you facilitate other men's processes, my experience is of someone who steps out of the personal into the impersonal in service of revealing the deeper truth of the situation. I felt profoundly impacted by the process that you lead. I experienced a big shift in my relationship to the issue that had been trying to gain my insight and understanding of. I felt profoundly connected with you and the other men on the circle and that I had been guided in a process where I was able to 'own' the results of the work that we did together. I also felt that I have been given a new set of tools that I can access at any time should similar thought patterns or emotions arise.
― Christopher Bangs
Calls: $50
Relationships, Career, Motivation
- Positive psychology coaching certificate (ICF accredited) - Transformative life coach (accredited in summer 2017). ICF and AC accredited training program.
You would like to take action but find yourself held back, You struggle with a decision, You want a more fulfilling relationship You would like to change career You struggle with stress at work You would like to explore a character trait (perfectionism, inability to say no...) Through a transformative coaching approach, we will work at the root cause of your challenge in order for you to achieve a significant and lasting positive change. I have a strong sense of curiosity and my deep interest for people drove me to change career. From Strategy Consultant, Sales and Marketer, I am now living my passion as a Personal Coach. I have a certificate in Positive Psychology Coaching and in Stress Management and should be accredited as a transformative Coach this summer. My training program is accredited by the ICF which is the most credible accreditation body worldwide. I am bilingual english and french. I am happy to coach via Skype. I am offering a free discovery session to explain what coaching is about and answer your questions and 1 free coaching session to start working on your challenge. Looking forward to hearing from you, Meryam
Calls: $77
"The greatest thing working with Miles is that he is so likeable... and I mean that in a good way!"
― Fiona Leach
Calls: $50
I mostly work with IT professionals, using a clean language approach. I'm particularly interested in personal development, career progression and process improvement, but have coached IT professionals in many aspects of life.
NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner, Five Minute Coach, Professional Clean Language Coach (currently studying)
I have been working in the IT profession since I graduated in 1990. Over the last 27 years Ive worked in most of the roles, including Developer, Business Analyst, Project Manager, IT Manager, IT Director, Innovation Director and Consultant. As well as the technical side of working in IT, Ive always been fascinated by the people aspect. A place on a Leadership Development Programme in 1998 got me really thinking about how I could develop from a technical expert into an all-rounder, and since then Ive done a lot of training including NLP Master Practitioner (with Dr Richard Bandler) and Clean Language (with Wendy Sullivan and Lynne Cooper). Im based in London, but can travel the UK where necessary, and can use Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts or Facetime if a face-to-face session isnt possible. I am a Member of the Association for Coaching and subscribe to their Code of Ethics.
Calls: $50
Health & Well-being | Weight loss | Inner peace | Lifestyle Coach
Qualified Personal Performance Coach
Hello! I am a motivational coach with passion and knowledge to help you achieve your goals- be it your health and well-being goals - both physical or mental. Weight Loss / Health & Well-being: My approach involves mentoring coaching and providing nutritional advise. My passion and study of how nutrition effects your physical and mental health began 7 years ago when I was suffering with bad health and could not find a solution. Career/life purpose/inner peace: With a set of accurate and intriguing personality assessment tools and numerology (optional) I have helped many people understand themselves on a deeper level. This insightful look into your own personality is a guiding force in all areas of life. Having trained as a meditation teacher I am also passionate about helping others find their inner peace and higher purpose. Let your intuition guide you, if you feel you would like to contact me please do! I look forward to being part of some of your journeys.
Calls: $75
The Coaching with NLP and Time Line Therapy training is the most powerful training that I have ever attended. Wayne has the ability to “translate” abstract concepts to logical levels with ease. The pace and structure at which the training is delivered, is brilliantly done. Each step and technique is explored in detail, and tried & tested by us (the delegates), as we build on towards achieving the full picture, which incorporates all the various aspects of the training. During the training a lot of interaction takes place with fellow delegates, and the manner in which Wayne arranges feedback, allows for constructive feedback in a positive light, for each and every one of us. I am so incredibly glad I did this! I had the most amazing team members and trainer, and although we worked hard, we also had loads of fun.
― Felicity Irwin
Karen holds an amazing space and asks the right questions to allow you to truly access your own answers, in a way that I've never come across with other coaches before. It's a beautiful place to be in, to know that you can be you and not “figure out”, but KNOW and ALLOW yourself to access what you need to know. To flow and link to your own knowing and intuition in a beautiful, allowing, safe space. Words can't really describe it or do it justice! She makes you feel like you really and truly can be yourself and it is very clear that she works from the heart. I loved every minute of working with her and the connection with this genuine, generous and wonderful lady! I've never in my life felt that kind of feeling of truly being accepted for who I am and encouraged and nurtured to go out there and not only be my best self, but my true self, connecting from the heart, the centre of my being. It is truly amazing to be not only accepted in this way, but embraced, encouraged and nurtured to bring out the best in you. It is an absolute gift! Getting clarity on my marketing strategy was just the tip of the amazing iceberg that is a session with Karen! You have to experience it to understand it! From the very start she was warm and welcoming and so easy to connect to! I felt so comfortable and safe and like I'd known her a lot longer. Her intuition is spot on and so supportive. She doesn't put you in a box but allows you to express freely who you are I fully appreciate every moment of the time I had with her!
― Andrea