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Calls: $60
-Anxiety -Depression -Drug/Substance Abuse -Complex Trauma -Communication -Relationships -Careers -Mental Illness -Detox -Medication Management -Panic Attacks -No Motivation -Life Coaching -Counselling -Mentoring -Stress -Achieving Personal Goals -Romantic -Spiritual -Mental Health
Advanced Diploma of Counselling and Psychology, High Distinction
You're here because you're feeling extremely stuck and need a good dose of encouragement, right? I was once one of those people-like you, right now! And having the right support gave me the strength to carry on, in the face of life's hardest adversities. Let me be that helping hand for you. Let's work together to reach your goals. You owe it to yourself to be happy and fulfilled. Sometimes, we just need a good, steady rock behind us (like me) to keep us on course. No problem has been too big for me. Let's do this!
Calls: $115
Life Coaching Relationship Coaching
NLP Certified Practioner - Richard Bandler 2016 mBit Coach - Ignite Group 2017
I am a mother of 4 and my passion is Coaching. I discovered my purpose a few years ago after my marriage broke down and I realised that being incredibly unhappy meant that I was being a terrible role model for my 4 children. Although I loved my husband, I was constantly angry at him. One night I decided that I had, had enough and I made the life-changing decision and I walked out on my husband and children. It was the turning point in my life because I realised that something had to change to give or I would end up being a solo mother and lose the love of my life. I truly wanted to save my marriage but I also wanted so desperately to be happy. Marriage and Happiness seemed so far apart. Finding myself took me on an incredible journey with countless twists and turns. More on that later. My journey has been and continues to be more than I could have ever dreamt. If you choose me as your coach, I will push you outside your comfort zone a little bit at a time. Life can be scary or exciting, it's up to you.