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Calls: $75
"I can’t tell you enough how much it meant to me. Your message was a godsend. It made me cry. You gave me hope yesterday and I want you to know you were a ray of sunshine for my family. I can’t thank you enough. I truly, truly can’t thank you enough. Thank you for bringing us joy yesterday."
― Sheena E.
Calls: $97
Working with Allison Samon as my Health Coach, I not only received stellar guidance on how to transform my current lifestyle; but I also gained a companion to walk side by side with me as made my lifestyle transformation. What really impresses me about Allison is that she is always continuing studies in her field and that shows me how dedicated she is to her field and making sure clients receive the best possible guidance. Allison taught me that what we put into our bodies doesn?'t just affect our physical health; it also takes a toll on our mental health. Learning that simply changing my eating habits and making healthy choices not only affects my overall well being but helped me achieve clarity and focus was a bonus that I was not expecting. I highly recommend Allison whether you are looking to achieve major weight loss goals, take off those pesky pounds or simply want to learn about better lifestyle and eating choices."
― Deirdre L.
Calls: $75
Career transformation, relationships, decision making, accountability, and overall change
Certified Soul-Centered Professional Life Coach, Masters in Jungian and Archetypal Psychology - PhD Candidate currently, Masters in Spiritual Psychology, MBA
I work with clients on both their outer goals as well as what is going on inside of themselves that is keeping them from reaching their dreams. I help people gain the inner guidance they need to make critical decisions about things like career and relationships. I also have many years of business experience and can help business people who are struggling with individual or department performance.