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Elysia’s knowledge and experience are invaluable. She is blessed with natural gifts of healing and intuition, which I have seen grow exponentially through training and practice in the years I have known her. It is not just enough to have gifts, you must be able to put them to proper use, and for every person this can be different. Elysia understands this on a deep level and knows how to apply her knowledge and techniques to each person and situation so that you aren’t just given some quick fix, but instead are presented with the tools to live a better life. Elysia has been a great teacher to me in helping me to understand and hone my own gifts, intuition, and awareness. She has guided me through many inspiring meditations and opened me up to meditation techniques for my own practice.
― Jo, Musician
Calls: $79
Mindfulness, Applied Positive Psychology, Attachment Theory, Health & Nutrition, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Relationships, Coping, Child Development and Positive Parenting, Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum, Psychotherapy, Neuropsychoidiology.
Mindfulness X Program - By Hugo Alberts Neuropsychoidiology Certification- Centre of Applied Neuroscience in Toronto, Canada. Masters of Science in Education- New York, USA
I have traveled the globe, working as a professional within the education and counselling industries in multiple countries. Studying psychology, neuroscience, nutrition, education, and child development have been my passion the last 15 years. Giving people the tools to reach their dreams is my life's purpose; and as we all know dreams can become reality, but it takes work and help to get there. If you are prepared to work, to change, to grow, to learn, to find your best "you". I can help you! Change is uncomfortable at times, but the pay off is incredible! Some dreams can be achieved quickly, some are not a quick fix, but either way I will provide you with the clarity, support, accountability, monitoring, tweaking, and concrete strategies to enable you to reach your fullest potential and happiness! My Coaching Approach Everyone is an individual and no two clients have the same needs. Your program, and support are custom tailored to exactly what you need. That said my philosophy is vaguely as follows: *Goal: To find my passion, increase life satisfaction/happiness, reach goals: I focus on a positive psychology approach which provides meaningful exercises that are scientifically proven through research to increase happiness and aid in achieving goals. I also incorporate other tools such as Myers Briggs Personality Inventory, Mindfulness X training, Mediation, and other diagnostic psychology tools in determining your needs and path to achieve your goals. *Goal: To cope with, heal, or have support through difficult times: Past or present obstacles that are keeping you stuck can be worked on through psychotherapy and cognitive behaviour therapy. I am also well read on Attachment Theory, and this may reveal a previously unshed light into why you keep hitting similar obstacles and how to help you heal so that you can finally move forward. *Goal: To become healthy, confident, lose weight: If it's weight loss and a healthy lifestyle you seek, my approach is through nutrition and not dieting. I provide tips, recipes, knowledge, and higher frequency monitoring to help you stay on track. I believe and have lost and kept off excess weight for over 3 years now from eliminating processed foods, and feeding the body what it requires to function at it's best.
Calls: $45
Mindfulness, Stress Management, Positive Habits, Anxiety Management, Career, Meditation, Hypnosis
I am an ex-Google software engineer turned life coach. I'm also a meditation expert, Yoga fanatic, and planning ninja. I work with clients to manage stress and anxiety, establish positive habits, build better relationships, and focus on building a career through finding their life's work and purpose. I use a 3-step process with clients to tackle any situation. ~ Evict ~ blast through self-limiting thoughts and patterns holding you back ~ Explore ~ discover your greatest strengths and creative spark ~ Establish ~ build powerful habits and supporting routines that propel you toward your ultimate purpose Coaching is about creating radical change in your life through liberating yourself and your mind. Your truest guide and mentor is already within you. You just need to connect and listen. Through mindfulness, I help to chip away at the layers that obscure your heart's innate wisdom, and create experiences that bring people confidence, clarity, and growth. My clients feel empowered to create the life they love and shine their unique light on this world. I deeply believe in the power of metaphor and storytelling to bring about change. Every large transformation in life has its beginnings in a tiny seed planted by a story or radical idea that took root in your subconscious mind.
Calls: $60
Mindfulness Coaching, Communication Coaching, Life Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Executive Coaching, Personal Coaching, Stress Reduction Coaching, Personal Coaching
- Ph.D. in Human Science (Saybrook University, San Francisco, CA) - Master of Arts in Clinical Holistic Health Education with a specialization in Counseling (John F. Kennedy University, Pleasant Hill, CA) - Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Teacher Training (Center for Mindfulness at the University of Massachussetts)
I have extensive international experience as a Life and Executive Coach. I am multilingual (English, Spanish, French), and hold a Masters Degree in Holistic Health Education and Counseling and a Ph.D. in Human Science. My coaching and teaching philosophy is rooted in the belief that the power to live up to our full potential, comes from understanding deeply how we shape individually and collectively our reality, and then from aligning our insights with wise and compassionate action. My main goal as a coach is to help my clients pursue their lives and goals with greater clarity, purpose and joy.
Calls: $50
Meditation, mindfulness, recovery, spirituality, being a parent, stress, sleep help
B.L.A. Psychology
Previously certified by the state in hypnosis. I work as a meditation teacher and coach. I help clients move through situations where stress has them stuck. Interpersonal relationships at home and at work can cause roadblocks. Self doubt and stress can have a physical effect on the body. Move through all of this while learning new meditation techniques that can be done anywhere. As you release stress, you become more effective and find new energy to realize your dreams and goals.
Calls: $50
Life, Mindfulness, Relationships, Spiritual, Dating, Family, Health, Stress
Life Coach Mindfulness Coach NLP CBT
I have worked in mental health and wellbeing for 20 years, supporting people to achieve life goals in a person-centered planning approach. I am an open free thinker who enjoys unraveling the challenges that life throws at us
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A Mindfulness Approach To Reducing Pain

Mindfulness training is well researched and positively impacts multiple medical and mental health conditions. Many states of mental and physical health have been shown to be favorably affected by routine mindfulness. The process is risk free and has no harmful side effects.

Start working with a mindfulness coach today and learn how to manage your pain with mindfulness. If you are not satisfied with the results, we will refund your money (up to $120) - no questions asked.

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If you're unsatisfied after the first month, you'll be fully refunded (up to $120), no questions asked.

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