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“When I met Jill, I had just made a huge and frightening change in my life by retiring from my job at 50, in order to be more present at home for my kids and to find “work” that felt more purposeful. I was in a place of uncertainty and felt unclear about what direction to take. As with most things in life, the action to start something new - that first step - is one of the most difficult. Jill’s style of coaching made me feel instantly comfortable to move forward. Her coaching helped me to identify a path and create positive change in my life, from which I gained momentum and further desire to continue to stretch myself. My life has changed considerably since I began coaching with Jill and I look forward to my future with an excitement I had not felt before.”
Calls: $50
I had the pleasure and benefit of working with Catherine and UpShift Coaching as part of my personal plan to get the much needed coaching as I embarked on a journey of leaving corporate life behind. I worked with Catherine for 4 months prior to my final day in corporate life. Needless to say I was nervous about leaving the world of deadlines, deliverables, daily pressures and the need to achieve every day behind, after all that is all I have ever known and like most of us in corporate life it does consume you and become you. Catherine is a tremendous coach. She helped me see my new world and the possibilities of shifting from a world dominated by achievements to a new world enriched in fulfilling opportunities that synch up with my personal values. She has a unique ability to ask those provocative questions that quite simply stopped me dead in my tracks causing me to reflect about what is important to me and how these deeply rooted values could shape this new world of mine. She has given me a tremendous kick-start into this new phase of life and with her help I face it not with fear, trepidation or ambiguity but with a sense of direction, wonder and a ‘world of possibilities’ mindset. Catherine – awesome job couldn’t have gotten this far on the road to change without your careful guidance, insights and those “questions”. Thanks and will be in touch.
Calls: $15
The manifestation of desired aspects of reality. I.e. Your Reality - Happiness, Joy, Peace, Love, Financial Security, and Spirituality (Divine Love and Acceptance) from God.
Ordained Minster - Old Catholic Succession Doctor of Sacred Theology - Messianic College of Rabbinical Studies Certificate in Comparative World Religions National Guild of Hypnotists - Certified Hypnotist National Guild of Hypnotists - Advanced Hypnotist
Fr. David Phelps is a Transformational Life Coach. Although not Certified as that part is expensive. Fr. David has studied Life Coaching from the Life Coach Training Institute, likewise, he has many books on the subject such as Supercoach, Transformational Life Coaching, and Coaching Skill Training Course. He is also a life-time student and seeker. He has learned the wisdom of the ages from the writings of Ancient Masters and though his own journey of self-mastery and inner healing. He has become a protege of the Ancient Masters and a co-creator with the All. He will help you to discover what it is you desire in life. He will help you to discover the personal solutions including accepting personal responsibility for your reality being as it is based on old modes of thinking (fears, worries, doubts, etc). He will teach you how to let those go and how to make your desired reality happen. You are the World Traveler and he will be your Guide and Advocate. He requires that you have an earnest desire to change when you contact him. That means you have already reached the point where the pain of staying where you are at is greater than the certain pain that will occur in the transformational journey. You will be challenged and put to the test. You can have anything you want out of life. Are you ready to go and get it? The Kybalion (Ancient Wisdom of Hermes - Father of the Hermetic Traditions of Ancient Egypt (Thoth) and later Greece) states among 7 Principles regarding the Universe, that the ALL (What some call the Source, the Creator, and to a lesser degree - God) is One. Nothing exists outside of the ALL. You are and your reality are made of the mind stuff or thoughts, conceived by the ALL. Just like the ALL creates with the mind, so too because of your very nature you create your reality out of your mind stuff or through your thoughts & feelings. Fr. David will teach you about these 7 Universal Principles and Laws that govern reality as we know it. He will teach you how these apply to your life and how to use them to have the life you want. You must live a life of balance and everything is governed by Laws. However, with mastery, we can neutralize some laws effects on us and affect change for ourselves and others. He will give you "exercises" to complete, which will lead you down the path to happiness, joy, success, peace, truth, security, etc. You will never again have to repeat the old cycles that kept coming back around if you so desire. You will experience life anew. Are you ready to change your life for the better? Is the student ready? The old adage goes that "when the student is ready the lips of wisdom will appear." Fr. David is one such teacher and transformational life coach. Fr. David is here to empower you to transform your life and hold you accountable without fostering dependence. Although he does not currently know you, he believes in you and the power of your desire to have the life you want. "We can do all things through Christ (Christ Consciousness - Inside our minds and hearts. Christ was the so-called Word made flesh who dwelt among us, as St. John states. There from the beginning.) (The Thought or Mind Stuff of the All, the active force in Creation which is a power available to all of us being made of One Substance) who strengthens us", the Bible says to us. Yes, its deep. You have a ways to go probably. But a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. And, you will be amazed at how quickly you too can learn to become a Master of your destiny. Call today or Schedule Appointment.
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Saving Money for Retirement

With bills, debts, and personal spending all demanding a portion of our income, saving money for retirement can be hard.

Even those who are financially responsible and forward-thinking may notice that putting away cash for their later years can be challenging. Proper retirement-planning helps people enjoy life after they’ve completed their time in the workforce. In order to plan effectively, many people enlist the help of a professional coach.

Managing our own finances can be hard, since we’re always forced to take a personal perspective when dealing with the issue. An outsider’s view can sometimes reveal new strategies to make retirement-saving easier.

Saving up money to prepare for retirement can require a person to change up their budget, explore unique investment opportunities, and refine their approach to money management as a whole. Skilled coaches with a history of handling this important need can help people master the techniques necessary to save now in preparation for later.

When a person has enough money saved up for retirement, they can enjoy time with family, the pursuit of personal hobbies, or simply some peaceful relaxation time. Knowing that the financial side of things is in order takes a great deal of stress off any retiree.

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