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“When I met Jill, I had just made a huge and frightening change in my life by retiring from my job at 50, in order to be more present at home for my kids and to find “work” that felt more purposeful. I was in a place of uncertainty and felt unclear about what direction to take. As with most things in life, the action to start something new - that first step - is one of the most difficult. Jill’s style of coaching made me feel instantly comfortable to move forward. Her coaching helped me to identify a path and create positive change in my life, from which I gained momentum and further desire to continue to stretch myself. My life has changed considerably since I began coaching with Jill and I look forward to my future with an excitement I had not felt before.”
Calls: $50
I had the pleasure and benefit of working with Catherine and UpShift Coaching as part of my personal plan to get the much needed coaching as I embarked on a journey of leaving corporate life behind. I worked with Catherine for 4 months prior to my final day in corporate life. Needless to say I was nervous about leaving the world of deadlines, deliverables, daily pressures and the need to achieve every day behind, after all that is all I have ever known and like most of us in corporate life it does consume you and become you. Catherine is a tremendous coach. She helped me see my new world and the possibilities of shifting from a world dominated by achievements to a new world enriched in fulfilling opportunities that synch up with my personal values. She has a unique ability to ask those provocative questions that quite simply stopped me dead in my tracks causing me to reflect about what is important to me and how these deeply rooted values could shape this new world of mine. She has given me a tremendous kick-start into this new phase of life and with her help I face it not with fear, trepidation or ambiguity but with a sense of direction, wonder and a ‘world of possibilities’ mindset. Catherine – awesome job couldn’t have gotten this far on the road to change without your careful guidance, insights and those “questions”. Thanks and will be in touch.
Calls: $50
"Evolve or Evaporate!" Hi, My name is Dr. Summer Ewing and I am glad that you have decided that TODAY is the day you chose to evolve. I am an Executive Productivity Coach where I work with professionals and corporations to CO-CREATE and facilitate change to enhance productivity for both personal and professional congruence in their life.
Prior to executive coaching, I co-founded and operated a multi-million dollar mental health agency and served as the Chief Operating Officer for over 10 years. As a clinical psychologist, I utilized psychological principles to develop and create an executive team with executive presence and productivity. My educational experience started at Illinois Institute of Technology where I received my Bachelors in Biology. From there, I leveraged my educational experiences and pursued my graduate studies in Masters of Arts of Counseling Psychology from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology and my doctoral work in Clinical Psychology. I believe in the conceptualization of the mind and utilize that aspect of the mind to gain executive presence within ones personal and professional life through seven (7) psychological principles of: - Clarity - Conciseness - Credibility - Composure - Connection - Charisma - Confidence Here's to a the best year of your life yet to come!
Calls: $300
Relationship Counseling
NLP Certification AUNLP Certification Ordained Minister
I have been practicing as a Life Coach for 5 years, and have had great success using NLP therapies. As a Minister I can help heal Spiritually as well as Psycologically
Calls: $50
Relationship, couples, pre-marital, pre-motherhood, mothering, family, and individual coaching
Dr. Gertrude Lyons is a Lead Faculty member and Life Coach for Wright. Gertrude has spent the last 15 years empowering individuals, couples, parents and families to bring out their best and become high performers in everything they do. Gertrude is a leading edge trainer and educator in areas such as human emergence, lifestyle, parenting, leadership development, career, sales, relationship satisfaction and success, and womens development. As Director of the Family Program at Wright, she focuses her extensive training on empowering couples and families.
Calls: $150
Life Coach, Business Coach, Career Coach, Executive Coach, Strategic Intervention Coach, Success Coach
Marianna Guenther is a Strategic Intervention Coach with the Robbins-Madanes Coach Training Institute and Strategic Intervention. She is also a Life and Success Results Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master Practitioner, Fitness and Nutritional Expert. She holds B.S in Finance and MBA in Management. After spending 15+ years in corporate finance sharing her knowledge, leading teams, coaching and mentoring her employees and helping clients realize their business goals, she decided to pursue a path of becoming a coach, author, and speaker. Marianna helps successful women who reached a point where they want to grow and continue to succeed, improve their life or boost their career but maybe they cannot make their mind, or dont know which way to go or they are unable to make a decision about their personal life or professional career. She helps realize what they like and what makes them feel fulfilled so they can have more of it and utilize that power for other areas of their lives. Most importantly, she helps them find meaning and true purpose they were destined for. Maybe they've on crossroads, or they love their job and career but know there is more or theyve lost passion for what they're doing, or theyre stuck about how to do it or how to make it happen or they don't know which direction to pursue or which way to. She helps them to identify the best strategy, define the path to follow ensuring that it is aligned with their bigger mission. Working with her clients, she helps them determine the exact steps to get there so they come out the other end happier, clear and stronger. Whether you created success in your life and want more of it or youre not fulfilled in what youve created or don't know which direction to go, and maybe you feel almost trapped by what you created (which actually makes it so much more difficult) or youre unable to choose your next and new path direction but you dont know what it is or how to get there but you know theres an answer out there and that theres something more for you but youre not crystal clear what it is and how to make it happen, Marianna will help you to get out of that place much stronger and she will help you figure out what it is and actively create it. Marianna and her husband, two awesome, athletic and awesome sons, and her dog Champ enjoy an active, healthy and busy lifestyle.
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Saving Money for Retirement

With bills, debts, and personal spending all demanding a portion of our income, saving money for retirement can be hard.

Even those who are financially responsible and forward-thinking may notice that putting away cash for their later years can be challenging. Proper retirement-planning helps people enjoy life after they’ve completed their time in the workforce. In order to plan effectively, many people enlist the help of a professional coach.

Managing our own finances can be hard, since we’re always forced to take a personal perspective when dealing with the issue. An outsider’s view can sometimes reveal new strategies to make retirement-saving easier.

Saving up money to prepare for retirement can require a person to change up their budget, explore unique investment opportunities, and refine their approach to money management as a whole. Skilled coaches with a history of handling this important need can help people master the techniques necessary to save now in preparation for later.

When a person has enough money saved up for retirement, they can enjoy time with family, the pursuit of personal hobbies, or simply some peaceful relaxation time. Knowing that the financial side of things is in order takes a great deal of stress off any retiree.

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