Coaching Reviews

The coaches on our platform are awesome. Here's what their clients think of them.

It was an absolute Pleasure working with Jamie. He understood my challenges and gave me great solutions to manage them effectively. I would highly recommend him to anyone :)
― AJ P.
Great session! Jamie was very well prepared for our meeting. I appreciate that he had been through not only my website but those of my competitors. We quickly got to some of my weak areas, and we developed a plan moving forward. I will be setting another meeting up soon.
― Kerry B.
Working with Jamie was a pleasure. He came well prepared and provided insight that was on target. His guidance is practical and very hands on, making it very easy to put plans into action. Jamie knows is stuff and over delivers, fabulous service!
― Catarina C.
Brutally honest about my business model and website. I got a big list to work on and for sure going to him for more when I am done. He provided additional resources to improve my business plan. Very knowledgeable. I will not launch my next business without consulting him first. It saves me lot of rework. Highly recommended.
― Vlad D.
I had no idea just how much I would learn from Jamie about structuring and planning my time. Accountability has been a hard barrier to taking control of my business, rather than being swept along with the current, and I don’t think there’s anyone better than Jamie to help you take that crucial step when you’re ready. Highly recommended.
― Jessa G.
Jamie truly has a special gift as a small business coach. I also work in client services and so I can tell that Jamie knows what he's doing, and does it incredibly well. My favorite thing about his service is the personal investment he puts in my project and his unique ability to help me solve tough problems in my business. By far best!
― Jake P.
Working with Jamie was a great experience. He's very personable and knowledgeable and offered me some great ideas and advice that will really help me as I start my business. I will be doing business with him again very soon.
― John F.
Jamie is a very professional, experienced, talented and creative business consultant. He helped me to reorganize my project, showed me my blind spots and explained how should I manage it. Together we built a clear and perspective vision. At these days, Jamie helps me to push my personal project f...
― Roman A.
Chantel is so genuine, caring, and passionate about what she does. I love that she offers a free discovery call for new clients, especially those who are careful with money like me :) Most importantly, I am glad I gave Coach Chantel a chance because she went above and beyond providing tips and te...
― Eva M.
― Josef
― Josiah
― Marie
"I appreciate the time and efforts Sheryl spends aiding me as my personal life coach. She has helped me in various areas of my life and given me so much feedback and positivity. I love the connection we have and it truly helps to absolutely enjoy the conversation with her. It's like chatting with a ...
― Quinn S, Yoga Teacher, Reiki Practitioner and Mother, Shreveport, Louisiana
I had the pleasure of working with Nora regarding Customer Success Development Coaching/Career Counseling. She is smart, compassionate, a great listener, and very easy to talk to. I truly believe that her lifelong mission is to learn, grow, and help others achieve their dreams and fulfill the callin...
― Christian M.
Thank you Carina for curing me today. "I felt completely safe and supported by you. I would not normally open up but your method helped me to do so and clear all blocks to my health and life in general to enable me to move forward. After 38 years, we cleared it in one session! It's truly life changing."
― Sonia Moralis
I just wanted to say a big thank you for your help with the hypnosis for my public speaking phobia. For the first time I actually did a good presentation in London and indeed ended up with an impromptu one on the last day. Some of my collegues said “you’re good at presentation you can do the fin...
― Joanna Kirkland
Just thought I would let you know progress on my weight loss, I have now lost 18lbs since feb 1st. I am so pleased with myself long way to go yet but hey its working thank you so much.
― Sandra Wilde
I had such a profound experience with the Healing Vortex hypnotherapy session. I had been noticing for some time that my energy was very low, and on my daily hike, my legs were feeling like lead, and it was all I could do to get through it. I have been dealing with some insomnia for some time and I ...
― Constance Fryer
I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and found the support and techniques invaluable for my personal development. The extra motivation and spark I got from the sessions really helped me to reinvigorate myself into my work. I found Carina extremely approachable and very welcoming in our meetings and alw...
― Emma H.
Found the Coaching experience to be transformative, enjoyable, challenging, facilitated by a person (Carina) who has an amazing gift and who is also very professional , warm, knowledgeable and interesting.
― Suzanne Mertens