Coaching Reviews

The coaches on our platform are awesome. Here's what their clients think of them.

Dave has been integral to getting my life back on track! He really cares about his clients and his team based approach to life coaching would be truly beneficial to anyone looking to take their personal self to the next level. I can’t thank him enough for helping put my life and priorities in ord...
― Trey Hebron
Dave is incredibly great! I would definitely recommend Dave's service to anyone who is looking to make something happen in their life. He is kind, responsive, and extremely smart. He really has his game together.
― Rebecca Wolfson
Catalyst Creators was amazing in helping my small business. They provided the training and direction that we needed to get organized and become more effective at our business and those we work with. Thank you for taking the time to help and providing direction.
― Technical Building Technologies
Dave was able to help me move from a belief system that was limiting me to one in which I myself, feel empowered. He is kind, wise, and incredibly helpful. He is here to help you! Thank you again! :)
― Mike Truliss
Excellent experience and great courier service. Dave really had a great way of working with his clients and I would highly recommend him for coaching.
― Regis Macaphee
Tara’s coaching is a strong blend of creative brainstorming and practical, individually appropriate guidance and structure. With an excellent listening ear, Tara offers both organized and empathetic coaching to her clients. I highly recommend her coaching for small business owners who are wanting ...
― B-M. S.
Where do I even begin? Chris has created a new light in me that I didn't think was even possible. In just a short time I changed my attitude, my outlook on life, my goals, my daily tasks, etc (I could keep going). I am so glad that I had the opportunity to work with Chris because his attitude is so ...
― Jessica N.
I worked with Chris/C-Love and from the start, he was all about love and positivity! What’s cool about working with him is that he could easily relate to my personal hardships because he was once in the same state. He took my life challenges as seriously as his own, and the strategies proposed wer...
― Akmal H.
Chris is amazing at what he does! He truly cares about making a difference in people's lives. He helped me understand my goals better and actually set a time frame to them so I could take action toward those goals. Chris kept me accountable and his joy for what he does transferred to me and made me ...
― Mikayla F.
Coach Yusuf Curb is great!! Didn't have too long but very powerful
― Zoe
I just started seeing Mrs. Brooks and so far I see a lot of potential in our sessions. She is patient and not overbearing like most life coaches tend to be (in my experience). I deal with anxiety on a daily basis so being overwhelmed is a trigger for me. We have our discussions, exercises, etc. an...
― Stacey G.
I've changed coaches 3 times so far beginning last year. This year by chance, I found Rosita and she has helped me in so many ways in such a short time. My girlfriend and I have tried couple's counseling as well as relationship life coaches. None of which we were satisfied with. Rosita is able to ...
― Jessica T.
My son was diagnosed as a young child with chronic asthma. He has always been prescribed allergy meds, steroids, rescue inhalers, nasal sprays etc.. I always felt that was alot of medicine to consume that actually never cures the diagnosis but, more like control the symptoms. I seeked assistance fro...
― Tynara Uba
What can I say? I thought my marriage and career were done. I was ready to give up. You have a gentle yet profound wisdom. Words don't seem adequate enough. My relationship has completely changed and my business is booming. I see a completely new world. You kept pointing to my innate wisdom. Thank y...
― Iain MacLeod
I was feeling so lost, stuck and overwhelmed. During our 6 months together every aspect of my life is better. I feel empowered and ready to embrace life. You have a gift and I feel blessed that you share it!
― Siobhan MacKenzie
Thank you for helping me. I love knowing my super you power. It helps me at school and at home. I hope we get to talk soon.
― Isa (11 yr old)
You have an amazing talent. Every time I leave our sessions I feel such a sense of calm, peace and inspired. Since working with you every aspect of my life has changed, my relationship, how I am parenting my kids, my work life. I’m so grateful for you.
― Meghan M.
I have worked with many people, but I was never able to achieve the kind of results I have with you. You have worked wonders with my team. Thank you!
― Dan (corporate client)
Great coaching!! I had trouble figuring out how to lower the risk of losing money with my business and Yusuf did a great job explaining to me perception and the mind frame to have when entering into any business contract.
― Kenneth J
Coach Yusuf is a great coach. He gave me great coaching advice dealing with my marriage. Life changing experience working with Yusuf. He listens and tackles exactly what the problem is and helps to solve it.
― Jerry