Coaching Reviews

The coaches on our platform are awesome. Here's what their clients think of them.

“Ramona is an outstanding coach and facilitator. She easily keeps a group together while allowing each person their turn to contribute.”
― Catherine Clark
“My work with Ramona gives me a support structure where I can explore and express my aspirations to live life on my own terms.”
― Terri Witherden
“Ramona keeps track of you and pushes you to do things out of your comfort zone. She helps you believe in what you desire for yourself.”
― Lina Sanden
I wouldn't have the thriving career I do today if it weren't for Sarah's support and encouragement throughout my academic career. College brings about a lot of stress and I was moments from giving up and dropping out, but Sarah worked with me tirelessly until I was back on the Dean's List.
― Brooke A.
Sarah helped me get back on my feet after I discovered my boyfriend of two years was cheating on me with my best friend. She helped me to work through my initial hurt and betrayal so that I could move on with my life and now I am more confident and independent than I ever dreamed possible!
― Ann D.
She gets to the point and reinforces what you need to hear in order to learn, as to get the best out of yourself and from a situation. She is a pleasure to speak with. Highly recommended!
― Anonymous
Your insight and explanation made so much sense. Call her, you will be glad you received a session with her.
― Leslie
Romella, what can I say! I so appreciate you. Not just for your abilities but for your friendship. I love you like a sister, truly. I call you what once, twice, three times a week, haha!! I so connect with you.
― Anonymous
I want to tell all of you that Romella is the best on this site. She is my angel, my hope and my light. She looks out for me like no other, she is my friend and my sister, and frankly, I do not know what I would do without her. Our relationship is special, though I have to share on this site, and I ...
― Jackie
We talked about pretty much everything in my life: Work, kids, husband, lover (yes lover) don't judge, she doesn't! CALL her!
― Linda. W
Just hearing Romella's voice brings me to tears. She is loving and caring and honest. She always calms me down. I trust her, and know that she will not lead me in a wrong direction. She is straight forward and very compassionate. I love you Romella for being there for me.
― Anonymous
Ty Romella, I was ready to throw in the towel and now I feel positive enough to get through things ! Call her, you wont regret it.
― Ronni
I know it will be a long slow process before we are able to re-establish our relationship but at least the lines of communications are open. Thank you so much.
― Anonymous
She is a true friend and very caring. I would recommend Romella for anyone who wants real. So many want to hear what they want, but if you want truth, she is the one you need to seek out.
― Joy
Thank you for helping me, this has been hard but you are guiding me through this and helping me survive! It's been almost 1 year coaching with you and I trust you and your guidance.
― Tiffany
I trust you- I really need that open and honest friend and you have always done that! I know you will always tell me what is real, thank you for giving your energy into really helping me! You are the best on this site- thank you for being there for me!
― E.D.
You give me hope. I love talking to you. You ease my depression you have helped me undeerstand how to respond, how to react and why its good to listen even if it hurts. Xoxo You're on top of my list.
― Laura