Coaching Reviews

The coaches on our platform are awesome. Here's what their clients think of them.

My experience with Patricia has been invaluable! As a coach, she has provided me with the right emotional tools and advice that has helped me gain awareness and understand to my problem that no other coach was able to do for me! I am very grateful for having learned from you, Patricia. Thank you!
― Rosemary
I try so hard to not let people see how much of scared angry person that i really am that i end up making an idiot out of myself,and yet. with you... its like you see through everything...all the faces, the acts, the lies....and that's why i can be so comfortable with you from day 1 because i know y...
― Brendon B.
The goal of working with Simone was to sustain calm focused attention. I'm an entrepreneur so I need to maintain a consistency of purpose. My success, in raising my level of professional/personal development, is a direct result of Simone's hard work. She exceeded my expectations in her role by match...
― Jeremy Ideus, Senior Software QA Automation Engineer
Simone brings a lovely combination of intelligence, energy and caring to her clients that is an essential element to their success. I recommend her highly to anyone looking to partner with an integral coach who is dedicated to their growth and achievement!
― Ruben Rodriguez, RisingPath
Simone Writer is a master of perception. If she hadn't chosen to become a coach, she would make a superb detective. Her capacity for listening and taking in all of both spoken and non-verbal communications is exceptional. Smart AND perceptive is a potent combination.
― Joe DiNucci, Partner at Silicon Valley Press
"When I reflect on my time working with Simone, two words come to mind - boundless energy. Her zest for life is contagious, empowering those that work with her. Not only are her co-workers inspired by her work, but her managers also seek her advice & wisdom. She not only has a natural ability to...
― - Zheila Pouraghabagher, Executive Consultant
“Simone: Present, engaged, authentic, passionate, joyful and absolutely amazing. I have had the pleasure of working with Simone on several occasions, and I truly believe that she is one of the most gifted people I have met in my life. She has phenomenal listening skills and intuition that is spot ...
― -Lois Bukowski, MS, SPHR and SHRM-SCP Consultant
Simone exudes a feeling of warmth, non-judgment, and compassion. She resonates at bold, playful and soulful depths. Simone has coached thousands upon thousands of people towards their goals, success, and happiness. She is a blessing beyond blessings.”
― -Maria Stutsman y Marquez, Principal Coach and Consultant
“Working with Simone as a coach was better than any therapist I’ve ever seen. She’s kind and compassionate but more present, active and thought-provoking. She really listened and processed where I was coming from so I felt heard and understood. She gave appropriate ‘homework’ and the mo...
― Elena W, Corporate Controler
"Simone is the quintessential coach. She is skilled, trained and highly professional. More than that, she has the rare ability and sensitivity to help the people she coaches see the truth and rejoice in the freedom this realization brings to every aspect of their lives. If your goal is self-awarenes...
― - Mary Alice Tierney, MATierney leadership
The work that Adjanys does transcends traditional education, her understanding of limiting beliefs and de-personification of them has given me a new way of addressing challenges in my life. I have developed more trust in my intuition and have a deeper sense of purpose
― ANA AMADOR, addition specialist
Working with Adjanys has been a blessing & the answer to a wanting I didn’t know I had & a desire my soul must have put out there knowing what I needed. I have a different way of navigating & flowing through life & love to do things my own way. Adjanys was perfectly tuned into my needs & intuitiv...
― Keilyn, Health Coach
Working with Adjanys has been the greatest blessing. For a year, I’ve had access via text & voice message to her spiritual insights, as well as her truth bombs delivered with loving vibes. I absolutely HATE coaching that is the yell-in-your-face kind and I’m so glad Adjanys defies those stereoty...
― KELLYANNE HERMAN, Herpes Healing Coach
Patty S did an exemplary job asking clarifying questions and elevating the language which resulted in a results driven resume transferring my experiences and skill set for a career change.
― Debbie
It is rare that an organization comes across a talent like Patty. She is an exceptional purpose driven leader, coach, and manager. I had the pleasure of working with her for almost a year and continue to have the absolute delight of learning from her daily. She has the uncanny ability to lead, mento...
― Jason L.
Patty has 'it'. In my 40 plus years of senior leadership roles I have come to know a small number of colleagues who distinguish themselves by purpose, passion, personality, coaching instincts, curiosity, common sense, selflessness and a moral compass that guides their daily behavior. A combination ...
― Steve
Patty is an amazing coach and has great practical and business advice, which I find invaluable in my day to day running of my Salon and Spa!
― Jennifer C.
Adjanys' energy is epic – and she really carries that around in person, in her writing, and in all of her communication. If you need some serious up-leveling, reach out to Adjanys because she will open your eyes to see things very differently. I can't thank her enough and I will definitely be working with her again on future projects
― Eunice, entreprenure
Adjanys has been a special resource for guidance over the years. She is foremost a great listener; She combines this with her incomparable counsel. I’ve had great breakthroughs and newly discovered insights through her ethereal counsel. She is unique, comforting and a blessing that you will be able to turn to throughout your lifetime.
― Jill, Sarasota FL
"True and genuine expertise is a rare thing. Couple that with kindness and compassion – you realize the embodiment of brilliance! Have you ever met someone who absolutely embodies the traits that you normally associate with a given profession? Teachers that understand the real nature of teachin...
― Rob Thompson