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Jan 27, 2016 Working with Michele Julian has been a “game changer” for me. I would recommend her services to anyone. Michele has a unique and refreshing approach to her coaching and meditation practices. She has such a wonderful upbeat, positive attitude towards, life and life’s challenges, which she often refers to as, “life’s opportunities.” Michele’s ability to hold space for me and keep me focused is one of which is exemplary. Michele has helped my breath into my thoughts, therefore, taming my knee jerk reaction to self-criticism. Michele has worked with me at my pace, which has proven to make all the difference and made me a routine meditator now. Her coaching is a “must try”. Love, Love, Love The Julian Method.
Calls: $50
I'd advise anyone seeking spiritual guidance to make Jen's acquaintance. She doesn't engage in "cookie-cutter" spiritual therapy; the one-size-fits-all therapeutic response is not Jen. She LISTENS and provides assistance in a truly caring way. Her manner is to the point, with a great deal of compassionate understanding. A deep sense of recognizing the individual needs of the human being that is in spiritual turmoil, this is Jen. She also carries with her a wealth of knowledge about "hands on" materials that assists you with your own spiritual road-map. A very graceful leader for the soul's desire for loving understanding.
Heather clearly and concisely explained the process that we would go through and I was excited at the prospect of having a clearer picture of who I was and what my purpose is.  I have struggled with identity issues and knowing God’s purpose for my life.     Since we began our coaching sessions, my thinking is changing.  I am more positive about my life.  My binge eating addiction has been removed and I am learning to love and value myself while making healthy changes.  Heather has guided me in setting up realistic goals and is encouraging me to take the steps necessary to achieve them.  The vision statement has had the most impact so far, because I now have hope for the future.     I would highly recommend Heather Hancock as a Life Coach.  She is respectful, kind, compassionate and focused.  She is skillful in what she does and gently calls me to account when needed.  The coaching process is priceless and I truly believe that if anyone has the opportunity to invest in themselves and choose a Life Coach, that Heather would be a great Coach to partner with. She is a solid Christian woman, who truly understands suffering and knows how to walk alongside those that are suffering."    
― Nicole
Calls: $30
You helped me understand that I can depend onyself and turn to God for help. Aldoade me realize how important I really am. What would I have done without you?
Calls: $50
A very sincere life coach and experienced meditator who actually walks the talk. Joe knows what he is talking about. His perspective can only come from an experienced coach. I would deff consider working with Joe in the future
Calls: $60
Nicky is an incredible soul. My Energy Leadership report & debrief were incredibly educational and truly supported everything I needed to know and hear in this moment. She provided information on energy I was unaware of, as well opened me up to new areas I can focus on. She is knowledgeable, comforting in her approach and I love any opportunity to work with her. Thank you so much Nicky
― Delia .
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Feeling Connected to a Higher Power

Sometimes believing in something greater than ourselves can be difficult. Many people have a spiritual side, but they sometimes struggle with feeling connected to a higher power.

Feeling some type of connection with a higher power can provide several benefits. It can help a person structure their life more efficiently and help them cope with the tough parts.

Professional coaches can help people out when they’re looking to strengthen the connection they feel to a greater power. No matter a person’s beliefs regarding what higher powers exist and how they influence our world, expert coaches can help them feel more connected with these beliefs. When we feel more in-tune with the things we believe and trust in, it is much easier to live a confident and productive life. Getting this type of connection requires a lot of soul-searching and work. Luckily, there are strategies available to help believers strengthen their faith.

Coaches will work to understand a person’s feelings toward higher powers and the level of connection they’d like to have. Usually, things like prayer, fasting, and studying will be suggested to help a person with feeling a religious or spiritual connection.

A professional coach can help anyone with their spiritual life, bringing them closer to oneness with the beings they believe in.

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