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Hundreds of professional wealth coaches are here to teach you the skills and discipline it takes to increase your wealth. Whether you want to save more money, start a business, or grow wealth through investments, LiveCoach can help. Just tell us what your goals are, and our great wealth coaches will reach out with advice on how to achieve them.

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Calls: $125
“The impact that Kenya has made on my life is such a blessing. Having read her biography before choosing to work with her, I immediately felt a connection to her and her life-story. I too, grew up without a clear understanding of the value of money and management, which led me into debt and low self-esteem for decades. Once I began working with Kenya my life changed tremendously. I no longer felt incapable of creating wealth in my life and honestly feel and know that I am deserving of receiving all that I desire. The 90 Days to A-Z program really gave me clarity around my business and now my income has soared!”
― Christi L. Sacramento, CA.
Calls: $1
My sessions with Amit made me realize there are ways of coping and dealing with the stress and strains of work and business. His techniques and guidance helped me focus on what was important to develop a clear plan to action. Without his help I would not have moved forward with my goals and closer to financial freedom
― Nik Babic
"OK, I was skeptical at first as I don't have a whole lot of faith in coaching. Ramon proved me wrong. His sessions are more than a quick shoulder massage and the "you are a great guy" routine. After asking some deep questions, he provides you with tangible, manageable and actionable steps unique to your particular situation. He's a nice, affable guy and I encourage you to spend a bit of time chatting with him."
― Forrest B
Jamie Fuentes is an executive coach who works with mid to senior level management to develop effective communication and leadership strategies. Jamie knows having this skill set is critical in reducing stress and increasing productivity. Jamie has over a decade of corporate experience securing and managing multimillion dollar programs and leading large scale teams in transformational change. Jamie is a certified professional coach and Energy Leadership Master practitioner through iPEC. She holds Master's degrees in Kinesiology and Biostatistics from Miami University along with Bachelor's degrees in Psychology, Social Work and Mathematics.
Certified Professional Coach through IPEC, Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP). Masters of Science in Kinesiology and biostatistics, Bachelors in Psychology, Social Work and Mathematics.
After a decade of experience in a corporate setting, my coaching intention is to use my tools, expertise and talents to help YOU excel. I have led multi-million dollar programs while instituting transformational change across companies to shift morale, interviewed and hired top talent, and increased productivity. I hold a Master's in Kinesiology and Statistics along with Bachelors in Psychology, Mathematics and Social Work from Miami University, and completed my coaching certificate through iPEC recognized by the ICF.
Calls: $75
Confidence & Leadership Coach, Business Strategist, Business Consultant & Business Coach: Money Mindset, Converting & Sales Conversations, Power Pitch, Entrepreneurship Development.
CBC - Certified Business Coach CPC - Certified Life Coach LOACC - Law of Attraction Practitioner Human Resources Finance and Accounting
Paulina is a best-selling author, international speaker, business strategist, consultant, coach and entrepreneurship development. She is the co-founder of The Business of WE (Women Entrepreneurs) and the WE Thrive community. She is committed to professional and personal growth empowering those ready to unlock their fullest potential. She is a contributing author in "Today's Inspired Latina" a national movement of Latina Leaders. A collaborating author in the best-selling book "Journey to the Stage" for Women's Prosperity Network. She has been featured on INC Magazine, El Correo, Queens Courier, Empowering Women TV & Radio, AquiTV, iStandTV, Hispano Entrepreneur Podcast, the Luz & Dolly Show of Chicago, DParranda international radio, Sharon Speaks Power with Gyroscope Media, Balance Boldly Podcast and WBTVN Expert Spotlight Show. She was awarded the 2015 NYC Latino Star Award. Shes a contributing writer for Your Tango, a member of the Women Speaker Association and a member of the Forbes Coaches Council.
Life and Business Coaching
Certified Life Coach - 2015
Esi Colbert (Colbear), also known as Coach Colbert, is a Certified Life Coach, Author, and Trainer who has a deep passion for helping others realize and reach their potential. Coach Colbert is championing her way to the top even after enduring the loss of family members and friends, divorce, the pain and isolation of Fibromyalgia and Bells Palsy, and financial debt by overcoming the fear of failure with the Word of THE HEAVENLY FATHER. Coach Colbert has dedicated her life to promoting healthy mindsets, healthy relationships, and positive lifestyle changes to help others fulfill their destiny in the earth. As a 360 Coach who specializes in personal growth, relationships, as well as business and career success Coach Colbert incorporates The Word, education, and personal experience when encouraging others. She is amazed at the transformations she sees in the lives of her clients. Her 360 approach helps others to take ownership of their lives and achieve their goals. Coach Colbert's process involves helping others understand their values, define meaningful goals that support their values, and setting up a plan to achieve their goals while working through roadblocks and limiting beliefs so that they can live an abundant life. She has been able to successfully achieve this objective through seminars & webinars, one-on-one coaching and by authoring the workbook Achieving Your Goals: 5 Steps To Obtaining Your Dreams. In her personal life, Coach Colbert truly embodies her own work. She is a testament to her favorite motto: "Changing Your Mindset Is Key To Living The Life You Always Wanted." She firmly believes that with hard work, faith, and dedication, anyone is capable of achieving the life they desire and deserve. In her career, Coach Colbert has worked as an IT recruiting manager, Apartment Manager and Owner of a Virtual Assistance Company. Realizing that these accomplishments were not her true calling she began to do what came naturally, helping others. As a Compassionate Life and Business Coach, the realization of her passion spawns an unwavering drive to contribute immensely to the lives of others. Coach Colbert helps people achieve their goals and fulfill their destiny with gusto. Since day one, she has set out to challenge the status quo, looking for new ways to offer her clients more value and a better experience.
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Wealth Coaching

Wealth is a blessing – however, it is also a big responsibility.

Becoming wealthy and staying that way require a lot of hard work. While some people have advantages that improve their chances of living well, no one can enjoy a luxurious lifestyle in the long-term without knowing how to manage their wealth properly.

Those who come into wealth unexpectedly may be unsure about how to manage their newfound fortune. There are also questions for people who build up their financial gains slowly – how do we manage these gains as things change? How should our financial habits be altered to ensure we keep and grow our wealth in the future?

Wealth coaching can be very helpful in managing large financial accounts and sums of money. Coaches understand how having a big sum of money in front of us can make it hard to focus. They also know how wealth can lead to people making bad decisions, missing opportunities, or become misled about financial management.

With professional insight from a third-party, anyone can improve and manage their wealth efficiently. When we understand how to handle our wealth, it becomes much easier to sustain our lifestyle and remain more content in it.

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If you're unsatisfied after the first month, you'll be fully refunded (up to $120), no questions asked.

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