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Scientific studies show that coaching is a great investment. It increases life satisfaction and professional success and improves relationships.

The Journal of Positive Psychology found that coaching has positive effects on the outcomes of performance/skills, well-being, coping, work attitudes and goal-directed self-regulation.

Also, ongoing coaching is more effective than a one-time intervention. A study showed that while group training with managers increased their productivity by 22%, including a one-on-one, eight-week coaching session for the managers pushed up productivity by 88%.

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"Kenya Moses is a Goddess, and a modest one, at that. Her encouragement and wisdom has helped me considerably in a short amount of time. My income increased by almost $1000 in the first month post-sage advice. What’s more is I felt like I hardly lifted a finger to do so…it still amazes me! Kenya’s not just a coach…she has become a wonderful friend and mentor. I look forward to our sessions, complete with her guided meditations. She’s always prepared, grounded, gracious, delightful, and incredibly fun to dream with because she helps to make my vision a reality."
― Katy Edwards, LMT., SF Bay Area
Chloe rocks. Plain and simple. I needed guidance on removing mindblocks from my life around money and happiness and she's helped me to remove those negative thoughts I used to have. She's your coach, hands down!!!!
― Peter Brinston
My sessions with Amit made me realize there are ways of coping and dealing with the stress and strains of work and business. His techniques and guidance helped me focus on what was important to develop a clear plan to action. Without his help I would not have moved forward with my goals and closer to financial freedom
― Nik Babic
"OK, I was skeptical at first as I don't have a whole lot of faith in coaching. Ramon proved me wrong. His sessions are more than a quick shoulder massage and the "you are a great guy" routine. After asking some deep questions, he provides you with tangible, manageable and actionable steps unique to your particular situation. He's a nice, affable guy and I encourage you to spend a bit of time chatting with him."
― Forrest B
Finding your purpose, men's development, self-discovery, self-mastery, self-awareness, self-empowerment, living the life you desire, creating the life you desire, achieving goals, magnifying your success, magnifying your influence, magnifying your wealth, inspiring people to thrive and not just survive.
I am an extremely driven and focused person who wants to make a positive impact in this world and leave a legacy of helping others. I am a mens Success Mentor, property investor and speaker. Growing up, I lived through the struggles of a broken family with an alcoholic father, divorced parents and moving back and forth from Australia to London; where my parents are originally from. I ended up finishing high school in London and moved back to Australia when I was 20 years old. As I reached adulthood, I searched for meaning in my life as I had a burning desire to be better and live an extraordinary life I just didnt know how I was going to achieve it. I have always had a passion for property and so pursued a career working as a property consultant. It felt great helping others but I always felt that something was missing, so I got started on my journey of self-development to discover my purpose in life. That is when the magic started to happen. I had an amazing mentor who inspired me every day and helped to expand my awareness. As my limiting beliefs started to change and non-supportive habits started to lift, I realised that I had a burning desire to help other men be the best version of themselves. I thought of how incredibly powerful it was having a mentor to guide me through my journey and I developed a passion and desire to be that very person for others. I couldnt help but think of how different life could have been for my family if my father had the guidance he clearly needed. He didnt have passion or purpose in life and he didnt know how to fulfil his role in our family. Now I am an extremely passionate mens Success Mentor at The Successful Male and I help men through their journey of self-discovery, self-awareness, self-empowerment and self-mastery. I realised that if men grow into the best version of themselves, it in turn creates a positive flow-on effect to their families, communities and industries. They become better husbands, fathers, relatives, friends and colleagues. I know that with every man we transform, lives all around him will also transform. Self-education has been something that has completely changed my life and we are now on a mission to develop 1 million men around the globe. At The Successful Male, we live and breathe what we do and completely believe that holistic success can be achieved with the right mindset and guidance. Everyone can live passionate, purposeful and fulfilling lives if they apply themselves correctly, have a mentor to guide them and take the time to discover themselves.
Inspiring & Empowering Men To Thrive Personally & Professionally
Success Mentoring - includes mindset, influence, psychology of wealth, purpose identification, assessment of strengths & values, leadership, money management, performance, productivity, creativity and success principles.
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Wealth Coaching

Wealth is a blessing – however, it is also a big responsibility.

Becoming wealthy and staying that way require a lot of hard work. While some people have advantages that improve their chances of living well, no one can enjoy a luxurious lifestyle in the long-term without knowing how to manage their wealth properly.

Those who come into wealth unexpectedly may be unsure about how to manage their newfound fortune. There are also questions for people who build up their financial gains slowly – how do we manage these gains as things change? How should our financial habits be altered to ensure we keep and grow our wealth in the future?

Wealth coaching can be very helpful in managing large financial accounts and sums of money. Coaches understand how having a big sum of money in front of us can make it hard to focus. They also know how wealth can lead to people making bad decisions, missing opportunities, or become misled about financial management.

With professional insight from a third-party, anyone can improve and manage their wealth efficiently. When we understand how to handle our wealth, it becomes much easier to sustain our lifestyle and remain more content in it.


What I most appreciated about working with Lynn Saboe was her ability to listen and effectively challenge me to develop executable plans that fit my style and experience, and to implement these plans in just two months. Thanks to her support, the quality and speed of my transition was substantially enhanced.

― Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Space, Strategic and Intelligence Systems

Zsofia Juhasz is an accomplished coach, who uses powerful questions to help her client move forward. She is empathetic without being soft, she is strong without being tough. She is also adept at listening for changes in energy levels, and celebrating when she hears a positive change. Adept at using imagery to help reframe perspectives, and visualisation to create positive goals, she skillfully guides her client to the end goal. I highly recommend her services.

― Director, Merrill Lynch

Working with Caroline Stokes is like having your own board of directors in leadership, first 100 days and career transition.

― Principal Program Manager, Microsoft



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